July 28, 2012

Office Max – Back-to-School deals, backpacks only 1 cent after MaxPerks (save up to $139!)

Wahoo! Get backpacks for only 1 penny after MaxPerks Rewards (it’s the Office Max rebate program). Plus lots of items under $1 each. Print a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Check your local OfficeMax ad, to confirm these deals are available in you area, they could be different. 

FREE paint, erasers and glue (up to two each FREE) with $5 minimum purchase

$5 purchase excludes Max Value items.

OfficeMax Disappearing Purple or White Small Glue sticks, 4 pack – $0.50 cents (reg. $2)
Limit 3

OfficeMax 2×2 Neon Self-Stick Note Cub – $1 (reg. $2)
Limit 3

Schoolio 1″ or 1.5″ Poly Binder – $1 (reg. $2)
Limit 5

Just Basics 0.7mm Mechanical Pencils, 12-pack – $1 (reg. $3)
Limit 3

OfficeMax 1-subject College- or Wide-Ruled Notebook, 100 sheets – $1 (reg. $1.50)
*Not a great deal, they are $0.20 or less at a lot of stores.*

Verbatim Store n Go 8GB USB 2.0 drive – $6.99 (reg. $19.99)
Verbatim Store n Go 16GB USB – $11.99
Verbatim Store n Go 32GB USB – $19.99


All Backpacks only 1 cent after MaxPerks Rewards. Limit two. Backpacks up to $139.99. Basically you buy the backpack and then get a refund via MaxPerks for the value of the backpack, minus 1 cent.

Look for a coupon on the bottom of your receipt! I received a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase for completing an online survey (took about 5 minutes).

These are just the highlights, check your local Office Max ad for more deals. Read my tips for buying school supplies here.

You can find all the school supply deals here or you can find them by store here:

How do you save on school supplies?


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  1. I just ordered 2 backpacks online, and should get 3% back through ebates. So, this deal can be a money maker! 😀
    (I say “should” because I’m new to both ebates and MaxPerks and have my fingers crossed that it works)

    Also: I love your blog! You’ve been such a big help in my quest to save money! Thanks for all that you do!!!

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