September 12, 2012

Pinterest making you feel inadequate? Remember you can’t pin LOVE.

This post is written for all of you women in the world (sorry, guys – go look at the Safeway deals or something). As a collective group, we women are a powerful force to be reckoned with. I believe we all secretly wear superhero caps under our clothes. We are strong, we are beautiful, we are awesome.

But I’ve also found that we are hard on ourselves. We compare, we compare, we compare. We are always looking at another mom, sister, friend and thinking – she’s prettier than I am, she’s more organized than I am, she’s a better mother than I am. And I think the explosion of Pinterest isn’t helping us much – we idolize or “pin” someone else’s kitchen, someone else’s pantry, someone else’s Pinterest-Picture-Perfect life. We no longer start seeing the things that we have, but focus on the things we do not.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a Pinterest account, and I do love it. I enjoy getting ideas and inspiration and I love sharing things that I find. But it should only be an outlet for me to feel inspired, not inadequate.

If you find yourself comparing yourself to others – through Facebook, Pinterest, online or where ever – this is for you. Remember Pinterest can only give the perception of a perfect life – but it’s what you don’t see online that really matters.

You CAN pin things that you love.
But you CAN’T pin love.

You can pin wedding themes, favors, bridesmaids dresses and wedding venues.
But you can’t pin that amazing lifelong commitment you share with someone else. You can’t pin the journey and growth you go through together that makes your marriage stronger. You can’t pin your first love or the hope for love again, after loss. You can’t pin companionship and trust.

You can pin baby clothes, baby rooms and baby books.
But you can’t pin the smell of a newborn held close to your chest. You can’t pin the hug from the littlest arms wrapped as tight as they can around your neck. You can’t pin that hand as it reaches up for your help and your reassurance.

You can pin creative family photos, featuring multiple generations. 
But you can’t pin the wisdom passed down from your grandma, grandfather, mother or father. You can’t pin the sacrifices that were made by generations before us to give us a better life. You can’t pin a family bond.

You can pin beautiful kitchens, appliances, fancy kitchen gadgets and recipes. 
But you can’t pin the prayer your five-year-old said before dinner. You can’t pin the blessing of having your family, together, over a warm meal. You can’t pin the the gratefulness of having food in the fridge and a full tummy.

You can pin back-to-school sales, homeschool tips  and learning games.
But you can’t pin your education or the lessons you’ve lived in your life. You can’t pin the moment your kid starts reading or when they say their first word.

You can pin photos of flags or the Statue of Liberty.
But you can’t pin your freedom. You can’t pin the sacrifices that are made everyday for our freedom. You can’t pin the feeling a soldier has when he meets his 3-month baby for the first time after deployment. You can’t pin your freedom of speech – the freedom that lets you pin whatever you’d like.

You can pin cocktail party ideas, party favors and photos of friends.
But you can’t pin your friends. You can’t pin the gift of their ears as they listen, or their shoulder as you cry. You can’t pin the friends who build you up and back you up.

You can pin photos of mountains, hikes and nature.
But you can’t pin the feeling of climbing to the top of a mountain. You can’t pin the humbleness you feel when you realize just how majestic and miraculous the world that we live in is. You can’t pin a quiet walk in the woods or the sound of the waves on the beach.

You can pin Bible verses, inspirational sayings and beautiful crosses.
But you can’t pin your talks with God. You can’t pin the miracles He works in your life. You can’t pin the sense of peace you find in prayer.

You can pin tips for saving money, coupons and financial advice.
But you can’t pin being debt-free, or the sacrifices and journey it may have taken you to get there (and stay there).

You can pin things that you love.
But you CAN’T pin love.

You can’t pin love. You can’t pin the people, emotions, experiences that really matter in your life. And you know, I don’t need to – because the things that are truly important are imprinted on my heart, which was my “board of loves” long before Pinterest came along. Pinned for only me (and the people I share them with) to keep and cherish.

So the next time you find yourself comparing your kitchen to one on Pinterest, just remind yourself that it’s the stuff you CAN’T pin that really matters.  

What do you think – do you agree? What are some things in your life that you’re grateful for that you can’t pin?


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  1. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Reading this is so funny. I was just on Pinterest and I was thinking I have to quit following some of these people. They are way too advanced for me. In a million years I could never create something a beautiful as them. So after reading your post I am going to unfollow some people. I have to admit I am a creative wantabe. I am jealous of people who are, but pinterest gives me a way to jolt my senses and squeeze the little bit of creativity out of my head. I will be a pinner forever. Our children will also benefit from pinterest because I see the creative things teachers are now doing and sharing amazing ideas with each other. Long Live Pinterest!

  3. Thank you so much for this reminder! How true it is that we as women compare, compare and then compare some more! I so needed this! Great post!

  4. I call Facebook, Fakebook. In my experience people only post what is great going on in their lives, never the failures!!!

  5. Great post, and such a good reminder for all of us… it’s overwhelming, sometimes, on Pinterest!

  6. Well said and so true! Thank you!

  7. This has to be one of the best posts for the world today that I have seen in a long time. Thank you for reminding all of us to think on the truly important things in life. We all have something very different to offer and it is very important to remember that we are individuals with our own special gifts.

  8. Great, great reminder. Thank you!

  9. Amen sistah! Thank you for this “so true” post! God is placing on my heart my need to evaluate my time spent in social media because it can be such a time stealer! May the Lord use this post to speak into the lives of women to help remind them of what REALLY matters! Big Hugs to you and many blessings!

  10. I completely agree…I also think of Pinterest as a way of window shopping. I am confident in my own home, life, family, etc, so I look at it that way and don’t get too caught up in the hype. Although I have found some AMAZING recipes and DIY items that I have used and would it not be for Pinterest I may have never known, so that its a good thing for me.

  11. I don’t even have a facebook account but I think this is what every women needs to hear. Thanks!

  12. This article you wrote is so very true! Finally! This is why I no longer have a facebook account for 2 years now or twitter or pinterest. Its all about comparing, bragging and unrealistic. I was so tired of it. Furthermore all the sweepstakes and give aways and coupons are offered through facebook and twitter. No matter how good the coupon deal or give aways are I won’t open a facebook , twitter, pinterest or any other social website for it. Hopefully, one day having a facebook account wont be mandatory to enter!!!

  13. Celia Husmann says:

    Ooo I’m gonna “pin” it! 😛

  14. Celia Husmann says:

    This is one of the best posts you have written. I am going to forward it to MANY women that I know. Thank you!

  15. Thanks Heather needed to hear this…..

  16. I love this – thank you for writing and sharing! 🙂

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