November 11, 2012

QFC – BEST turkey deal, only $0.49/lb when you spend $30, before coupons!

Okay folks – here is what I think about these FREE turkey deals, I don’t really think they’re deals. Fred Meyer will give you a FREE turkey if you spend $150, but that’s 150 buckaroos! I guarantee you, it wasn’t FREE. My favorite place to get turkeys (and I did this last year) is at QFC. Just today they started their sale – Private Selection Turkeys only $0.49/lb when you spend only $30. And the $30 is BEFORE coupons, my friends. AND . . . they are having their incredibly HOT Mega sale right. It’s the place to get your bird, I promise.

I just got a 16.5 pound turkey for only $8.09! And I didn’t have to spend a fortune to save a little!

Here are more of the QFC details – 

Private Selection Turkeys 16-24 pounds are $0.49 cents/lb when you spend $30. Price of bird does not count toward your $30. But the $30 is BEFORE any manufacturer coupons, because those are a form of payment! As long as the turkey is rung up and the cashier hits total and you’re over $30 (not including turkey price) before her/she starts scanning coupons, you’re good! It’s limit ONE per $30 transaction. If you spend $60, you don’t get two turkeys – you would need to do two transactions for that. Turkeys 16 pounds or less would be $0.69/lb. 

Check out the hot MEGA sale deals and plan your trip and print out your coupons.

Here’s how they all stack up next to each other:

Private Selection Turkeys 16-24 pounds – $0.49 cents/lb when you spend $30, limit 1

Safeway Turkey – $0.99/lb when you spend $50, limit one.
Honeysuckle Turkey – $0.99/lb when you spend $50, limit one
Butterball Turkey – $1.49/lb, limit one

TOP Foods
Butterball turkeys – $1.29/lb, limit one

Fred Meyer
Private Selection Premium Turkey, 10-20 pounds – FREE, when you spend $150, limit 1
Private Selection Premium Turkey, 10-20 pounds – $0.59/lb when you spend $100, limit 1
Private Selection Premium Turkey, 10-20 pounds – $0.79/lb when you spend $50, limit 1

Honeysuckle Turkey, 16 – 24 lbs – $0.39/lb when you spend $50
Honeysuckle Turkey under 16 lbs – $0.49/lb, when you spend $50
Butterball Turkey – $1.79/lb

Will beat any local price, with a minimum $50 purchase

I’m not sure what Walmart or Costco has turkeys priced at, do you know?

If you plan to get a Butterball turkey, check out these coupons:
$1/1 Butterball Whole Turkey, Boneless Roast, Bone-In Breast or Ready to Roast Turkey, Fresh or Frozen
$1/1 Butterball Whole Turkey, Boneless Roast, Bone-In Breast or Ready to Roast Turkey, Fresh or Frozen
$3/5 Butterball Whole Turkey WYB ANY 4: Pillsbury Crescen Rolls, Green Giant Canned Veg., Betty Crocker Potatoes or Stuffing 11/04/2012 SS Insert (exp 12/30/2012)

What do you think? Where do you think is the best deal on turkeys?



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  1. Went to Gig Harbor Costco Mon., 11/12 & found unfrozen turkey @ $0.99/lb.

  2. I got my turkey this weekend at Safeway for $.69/lb with a $50 purchase…This was in Lacey, but other sites should be doing it too.

  3. Can we expect prices to go down closer to thanksgiving?

  4. All we really have in the small town we live in is Fred Meyer, Shop Smart, Grocery Outlet and a Ray’s. I only shop at GO and FM because the other two stores seem so “dirty” here and the people working there are rude. I can see how the Free Turkey Deal at FM is an “expensive deal,” but for me, it was kind of perfect timing with the Free Turkey, the Door Buster Coupon of 25% of Clothes, 70% clearance items and military discount I received for Veterans Day.
    I got a big Ham, a 18lb Turkey, 2 cans of Miracle Whip, 1 Xposure Jacket for women (normally $180), 1 Xposure Jacket for my son (normally $79.99), 3 shirts from the clearance, Bacon, Lunchmeat, Bagels, a present for my brother in law and some other small items all for $121.61! I was excited! I saved about $168. It’s not my best shopping trip, but for the fact that I got us 2 Jackets and all of the items (including the free turkey) for much less than what my Jacket alone usually costs, I thought it was quite the success. 😉
    Thank you for posting all the great deals! You website has made our move from Texas much less stressful for me.

    • Actually my son’s jacket wasn’t Xposure, it’s actually Free Country. However, they are on sale for 50% off for the rest of the week and FM has a 15% off coupon in their add, making the Jacket still only about $34.00, a good price for a jacket that is water and wind resistant.

  5. I’m a diehard Butterball fan. Tried other turkeys and they just didn’t measure up. Target has them (frozen) for $.99 a lb.

  6. I remember when I could get a bird for .29 a lb. I wonder if it will get any lower. Heck, I think I got a 22 lb bird for .29 last year at Safeway. I don’t know if I should wait or not. I REALLY appreciate this post. I’ve been looking around and the prices are very high this year. What to do. Wait or just buy now??

  7. Wouldn’t Albertsons be the best price?

    • At albertson you have to spend $50 to get the deal, at QFC it’s only $30 to get the deal. Unless you’re getting a 40 lb bird, QFC has a better overall price.

  8. It is so funny that QFC and Fred Meyers both offer the Private Selection turkeys at different prices when they are both Kroger stores. In the Sunday insert for Safeway, on the bottom of the front page states that they will price match turkey prices (excluding Butterball, Honeysuckle and a few others) as long as you have the ad. I’ve never known Safeway to do this before. Could be good if Safeway is closer and more convenient.

  9. Do you think that this will be the best deal of the season?
    Last year I can’t remember when I bought my turkey and I don’t want to wait and the price go up next week..

  10. So funny at qfc today. I went to do the great sales they were having. They lady behind me sees me whip out my huge stack of coupons. And proceeds to tell me your one of those people. And then to see the look on her face when my total went from $75 to $22. And that is stocking up the pantry with canned goods and finishing off most of thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. My husband and I both get free turkeys from work so don’t have to pay for those.

  11. kathy Maahs says:

    Thanks so much for the post I am going to share with my buddys

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