June 26, 2012

Reader question: What is your stock-up price on laundry detergent? Price per load?

I got an email today from Somaly wanting to know a good stock-up price for laundry soap. What is your laundry soap stock-up price? Do you calculate it by load price? Do you find having an HE washer and dryer has helped with the cost of laundry soap? Do you make your own laundry soap?

Somaly only asked the first question – but I’d love to hear your answers for any of them.


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  1. Somaly Man says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing! I used to get my detergent from Costco but since I started couponing, I was trying to figure out when is it that I should stock up on the item.

  2. I got a case of Biokleen laundry detergent at Amazon for about 10 cents per load…it was supposed to last 6 months but we’ve had it for a year now and I’ve only used 3 of the 6 gallons that came in the case…I bet it will end up costing me less than 10 cents per load

  3. Chrystal says:

    I will stock up for 6 cents a load

  4. I make my own laundry soap and the cost is about a dollar a month. I use vinegar as a rinse agent an probably use 50 cents of that a month. My husband loves the home-made stuff and since everything makes me itchy I am happy to use it! No More Itching! Once in a while when I do the whites I add a half scoop of oxy powder to the soak and if I have a greasy or stubborn stain I pre-treat with fels naptha soap. My mom had 6 kids and the same bar of fels naptha for at least 5 years.

  5. We use Tide HE plus Bleach Alternative which was top rated by Consumer Reports and we’ve found that it cleans our clothes very well. I stock up if I find it for 10 cents/ounce.

  6. I’ve never really calculated the “per load” price for us, but we like going to Costco (big bulk warehouse for anybody not familiar with it), for about $12-13 we get about 4-6 months of the Ecos brand laundry detergent, which breaks down to about $2-3 a month and we haven’t had to restock before we’re going to visit the store again anyways (our “local” one is currently an hour away). We have a front-load machine that needs the HE detergent. This detergent supposedly has fabric softener in it, but it doesn’t seem to affect my husband, who seems to be allergic to other liquid fabric softeners. I still use dryer sheets on towels and high-static items (fleece, etc). Our towels are getting old and scratchy, so they need all the help they can get while we slowly replace them one or two at a time.

    • Celia Husmann says:

      When I run out of my stockpile, which is huge, I will be getting this @ Costco. It has excellent reviews and they put out a Q sometimes!

  7. I make homemade laundry soap. I figure it costs me about 6 cents per load. It works great and has no dyes or purfume in it. My baby grandson has sensitive skin and it works GREAT for his clothes also.

  8. I’m a Tide girl and the lowest I’ve seen it is $2.99 – $3.49 for the 50 loads. I have a HE washer, so like K above, I don’t use a lot of soap, so I can usually get quite a bit loads out of it.

  9. We are a family of tenderflakes and have to use ‘free & clear’ unscented formulas so it narrows the choices quite a bit. ALL detergent comes unscented and it goes on sale often and there always seems to be a 1.00 off cpn both online at their website and the cpn sites and inserts so I usually pay 1.99 +/- for a jug that lasts a long time. (cant remember the ounces with all the 1x-2x-3x concentrations) We have a front-loader.

    But one thing I do is use AT LEAST half of what they call for. Probably more like one fourth. Things still come out perfectly clean and fresh. Somewhere I read on a blog that the person skips detergent altogether on one load a week as there is usually so much buildup in people’s machines…have not tried that yet but if you fill the washer with no soap added and agitate it a few minutes you will see that it is true.

    I use vinegar for fabric softener but Dad likes the dryer sheets still. I use one fourth of a sheet now and it is fine. I save the old forths and stick 2-3 of the old ones in for a load and it still works.

    Our dishwasher has finally bit the dust but years ago the repairman said most people use way too much dishwasher soap even if they use what the box suggested. He recommended using half that amount. Better for your dishwasher and your dishes too.

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