March 5, 2013

Redeemable at Walmart – what this means on coupons. . .


I get this question a lot, “This coupon says Redeemable at Walmart, does that mean I have to use it at Walmart?”

Great question. Let’s talk about this. . . .

Lately it seems that the best printable coupons have some sort of reference to Walmart on them. The majority of these coupons are manufacturer coupons and CAN BE REDEEMED ANYWHERE. The reason they have Walmart verbiage on them is solely advertising – Walmart likely pays big bucks to have you think you need to redeem it at Walmart. Most of the time, it’s only advertising, not a requirement.

Let’s look at some examples to better explain this. . .

Here’s a little cheat sheet for “Redeem at Walmart” coupons

  • Redeemable at Walmart and it’s a manufacturer coupon, this is just a suggestion. Redeem anywhere.
  • Available at Walmart and it’s a manufacturer coupon, this is just a suggestion. Redeem anywhere.
  • Coupon has Walmart logo and it’s a manufacturer coupon, this is just a suggestion. Redeem anywhere.
  • Redeem ONLY at Walmart and it’s a manufacturer coupon – it’s pretty clear, you can ONLY redeem it at Walmart.
  • Redeemable at Walmart and it’s a STORE coupon (found at top of coupon), you should only redeem it at Walmart <- rare

Here are some photos:


Redeemable at Walmart and it’s a manufacturer coupon, this is just a suggestion. Redeem anywhere.


Available at Walmart and it’s a manufacturer coupon, this is just a suggestion. Redeem anywhere.


Redeemable at Walmart in bottom right corner, and it’s a manufacturer coupon, this is just a suggestion. Redeem anywhere.


Redeem ONLY at Walmart and it’s a manufacturer coupon – it’s pretty clear, you can ONLY redeem it at Walmart.


And when you go to print coupons – don’t let the Walmart logo (essentially an ad) scare you away. Most of the time it doesn’t print with a Walmart logo, and is a manufacturer coupon that can be redeemed anywhere.

Will other retailers take coupons that mention Walmart?

That is the million dollar question. Most do. I simply point out that it’s a manufacturer coupon and it has redemption directions/information (where to send it) for any retailer. Some raise a fuss and I just don’t use it and I usually won’t buy the product without the coupon. Some stores are MORE picky if it has a logo on it. Check with your store coupon policy – some are very specific and say they will not take a coupon with a competitor’s logo on it.

Is this helpful? Do you still have questions? 

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  1. It’s so true target doesn’t accept coupons that say available at Walmart they don’t understand that I can use it anywhere but if the coupons says redeemed only at Walmart. It’s just there in Walmart.

  2. This is from regarding the walmart logo on Manufacture printed coupons from their site.

  3. I just want to clarify that as an independent grocery store owner we DO NOT get reimbursed from our coupon company if any coupon has redeemable at Wal-mart or any other competitor logo on them. We have advised all our cashiers not to accept any coupons with our competitors logo. We do not have a problem with taken them, except we do not get reimbursed.

  4. azucarnegra says:

    Where are we getting this information? If it says redeemable at Wal-mart, I’d think it is only redeemable at walmart.

  5. If a coupon state any one product at walgreens Can i use it in another store

  6. This is super helpful. Thanks!!

  7. supermom says:

    Welcome to the club!!! I went to KMART today and the coupon read “Redeemable AT WALMART”. The coupon would not ring up just kept beeping. The cashier said “It says WALMART”. I tried explaining it did not say “ONLY AT” but she could not accept it, then she called the manager and he said the same. I guess KMART does not accept coupons that say “Redeemable AT ***” so that is not fair. I hate that all these new coupons have this new wording its a eye trick. I just wanted to let everyone know that KMART will not accept those coupons. This is so you don’t waste your time trying to redeem these coupons there.

  8. I’ve been taking a fine-point Sharpie and covering over the Wal-Mart line because of getting hassled, especially at Fred Meyer.

    • Terry – I’m surprised the store will accept them with marks on them. I would not recommend doing this – it’s very possible that the clearinghouse will not reimburse the store for coupons where all the print is not readable. I figure the writing is there for a reason – even if just an advertisement – and I would not scribble over it.

  9. I had this happen to me at Albertsons about a month ago. It’s seriously so annoying. It just said in small print “redeemable at Wal Mart” which is pretty easy to understand in my opinion. It stated manufacturers coupon on the top and I tried to explain that it is just advertising. The cashier didn’t care and there were people behind me so I just didn’t buy the newton thins. I just wish that they could not be so ridiculous about those types of things sometimes. I really appreciate your post clarifying the truth and showing me that I was correct! 😉

  10. imjustagirl says:

    It is not up to us. Cashiers always think store loosing money with coupons. Most of them just denied the coupons, just to be safe. Buyers don’t want to make a scene and walk away. I think coupon user knows more about coupon policy than store workers. if they see other store’s logo, they will deny it. ( my experiences)
    I have coupons denied all the time now at north gate target, mentioned some reason that not even in their policy. IE Free picture frame at target a few weeks ago.

  11. I love how you explain things with attention to details your reader needs to know about. You’re my favorite ‘coupon teacher’! :^)

  12. I’ve had some trouble with WinCo and those coupons with a Walmart logo. in my experience, some cashiers have taken them , and some haven’t. Once, it wouldn’t even scan. I think that time it was due to me needing to change the ink, although the cashier said it was because of the Walmart reference. I pointed out that it was a manufacturer’s coupon, but it was still refused. WinCo can be tricky, but I do the majority of my shopping there because of their deals. Can’t beat it!

  13. Maruchan Bowl, and Yakisoba .58 each -.50=.08
    Sunbird Fried Rice .68 bought two 1.36, used .80=.56 or .28 each
    Birds Eye Steamfresh .98, free with 1.00 coupon
    Frsctta Pizza 3.98 bought two used 2.00 coupon paid 5.96 probably to much but I really wanted it.
    McCormick Gravy was free
    La Victoria Enchilada Sauce was 1.71, used 1.00 coupon .71 each
    Velveeta cheese was 5.88 wanted to use 1.00 coupon, but checker said no because it said redeemable at Walmart. I needed it for a recipe so paid to much.
    Pickles were good price to

  14. Yes. I too would like to know because it has happened to me twice now.

  15. Thank you so much for this really good information!!
    sometimes I had a hard time dealing with cashier about this.

  16. Hi Heather
    I was at Winco last night and the checker said they are not supposed to take coupons that say Walmart on them, she handed one back to me that said Redeemable at Walmart.

    • I emailed my contact at WinCo about this specific issue because I’ve heard from others about this same issue. They are wonderful about responding and I’ll let you know what they have to say! What kinds of deals did you find?

      • Jennifer says:

        And what did you find out? My Bi-lo and Ingles will not take them! I am so bummed… so many great coupons have Walmart ads now. BOO walmart

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