May 26, 2011

Rite Aid – Coupon policy change (no mo’ BOGO with BOGO)

Well I think we could have seen this Rite-ing on the wall. Rite Aid has updated their coupon policy and changed a couple points to be more restrictive than their old policy. If you shop at Rite Aid often, I encourage you to read the entire Rite Aid Coupon policy here (PDF).

The most notable changes are:

  • You can NO LONGER use a buy one, get one FREE (BOGO) coupon with a buy one, get one FREE sale to get both items free. This was a super way to get items for FREE at Rite Aid, but it is the BOGO coupon with the BOGO sale is no longer so.
  • Rite Aid is now restricting the number of like coupons you can use, “Rite Aid may accept up to four (4) identical coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager’s sole discretion.” So for example, you can only use four $1/1 Pantene shampoo coupons to get four shampoos. But you could get five or 10 of the same item.

My thoughts on this:

  • My initial reaction was disappointment, but I quickly got over it. I’m not getting my feather’s too ruffled by these changes because I think Rite Aid has always been very generous with their coupon redemption and policy. And I guarantee you we will still be able to get awesome deals at Rite Aid, even with these changes.
  • You knew the limit on like coupons was coming. Unfortunately there are always going to be people who work the system. I think that’s why they got rid of their generous Rite Aid rebate program – because it was no secret that people had multiple accounts and were getting cart loads of items FREE. I personally think that four (4) like coupons is plenty generous for the average consumer – four bottles of shampoo at a time, four bottles of toothpaste at a time? I think we can live with that – and hopefully there will be more inventory on the shelves so more people can take advantage of the savings. Rite Aid doesn’t have a lot of room for back stock or room on their shelves – so I’m sure this policy is just an attempt to spread the love – and I’m happy about that.

If you have serious issues with the new policy you can contact them at 1-800-RITE-AID or thru the Rite Aid website.  I think I’m going to wait and see how things shake out before I get too shaken myself.

What are your thoughts on the new policy? I’d love to hear from you!

(Thanks, Celia!)


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  1. I think the limit of 4 is good cause I too am tierd of ( in all the stores, actually) not being able to get even one of what I want. But can’t the crazy couponers just come back through and make multiple transactions? Is it tracked by your wellness card or something? Or are the employees just not supposed to let them do that? I could’t see in the coupon policy where it said limit of 4 in one transaction, or to one person, etc. As far as the bogo, I’ve only been doing this for a few months, and I never would have thought to use them with a bogo sale; guess I’ll never get the chance now…lol. Ever since I started couponing I’ve been afraid that stores are gonna get strict fast because more people are doing it now…

  2. Auntie M says:

    Not being able to use two coupons on the bogo sales is really going to change the way I shop at Riteaid….I’m pretty new to this, so I was only just beginning to cash in on those deals. ):

  3. Emily M says:

    I am thrilled that they limit the number of items for 4! I hope other stores start doing something like that. I am so sick of finding empty shelves at every store!

  4. Most of the changes don’t bother me except the one where we cannot use a coupon on a free item in a BOGO sale. I did those kind of transactions a lot and was able to save lots of money that way! Oh well:(

  5. Holly R says:

    I might be the first one to say, I do not like this so much. While I agree that the 4 limit is AWSOME, a way to spread the deals around a bit, I am not so pleased with the BOGO change. I dont see how this really a big deal and needed to be changed. Ill still be shopping at RiteAid, just wish they had set the limit to 4 and stopped there.

  6. Auntie M says:

    I’m confused by one aspect of the new policy. It seems to me that they are saying that you can use only one (cents off) coupon on the BOGO free sales. Normally I would use 2, one for each item. Can anyone clarify?

  7. I personally have NO problem with a limit of four like coupons. How long does it take someone to go through four bottles of shampoo? In my house, four bottles of shampoo will last probably six months right now and as the kids (4.5, 3, and 4 months) get bigger, I’m sure it will still last around three months (at least), which is the typical sales cycle.

    I love the comment above about spreading the love among more couponers. Everyone is “tightening their belts” these days. It also allows Rite Aid to have happier customers overall, both couponers and non-couponers, because they will be better able to service everyone.

  8. melissa says:

    i think the change is great too. 4 of the same item is plenty. i have been really discouraged going to the same rite aid several times a week and they never have what i want and they wont get more til “next thursday”. coupons expire, and i cant always go there first thing in the morning sundays just to get a great deal. this still wont stop people from stockpiling and taking advantage of the system. they will still clear shelves. cashiers need to be stern and follow the rules too. just because they make a policy, doesnt mean it will be followed. i think the people who still want 30 bottles of shampoo will still do it unfortunatly.

  9. I like this. I don’t get there on Sunday mornings and whenever I ask my local Rite Aid when they’re going to get sale items back in stock, they have no idea. As far as I know, you can’t get rain checks on the UP+ rewards either – so I’ve basically stopped shopping there, unless there’s deals that I want that haven’t been highlighted by the deal blogs. This may make me more likely to shop there.

  10. Michelle McAninch says:

    This makes me happy! I have heard from cashiers at my two local RA’s that there is a line up of women on Sunday mornings before the store even opens & many of them purchase all the sale items right then, Thank you RA for looking out for us not so extreme couponers!

  11. Couldn’t agree more Leann. I’m excited at the prospect of perhaps still getting deals w/o having to be at RiteAid before noon on Sunday.
    Also, this is why all of us “normal” (using the term loosely) couponers have been pleading with our selfish shelve-clearing, policy-abusing cohorts to simmer down a bit. What they do DOES affect us all (despite their protestations otherwise) in the long run and I can’t see MY family’s budget working without coupon usage for at least the next decade.

  12. Brandy G. says:

    I stopped going to Rite Aid because the shelves were cleared by 10am Sunday morning. I don’t know if this will get me back there, but it might be worth a try. The only people who will be upset by this change are the ones who consistently clear shelves early Sunday morning, so I am glad to see Rite Aid is doing something about it. Maybe now they can keep the shelves stocked!

  13. I also agree .. its frustrating to go to the store to find that all the items i was looking for are gone, because one person came and cleared the shelf.

  14. I am not ruffled by this policy change at all! I am hoping that it will help me be able to get the great sales. Usually when I get to the store on Monday (I don’t shop on Sunday) everything that is a good deal is gone. I then need to wait till their stock gets in on Thursday and hope there will be a shipment of what I was hoping for. Rainchecks don’t always work because coupons expire. Thank you for the update!

  15. Samantha says:

    I totally agree!! I myself usually get no more than 4 papers and I get frustrated when I just want a couple things of the great deal but can’t cause someone else has to have 50 bottles of shampoo.

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