July 28, 2012

Saturday in the garden – Harvesting lettuce, basil, zucchini, carrots. . .

I’m feeling so blessed to harvest my garden bounty lately. This week we harvested a massive load of basil and about a dozen zucchinis! We also were able to enjoy tons of lettuce and spinach. And I finally harvested our carrots and some more green beans.

My little green pepper is chugging along. All the other peppers on the plant are much smaller, trailing behind.

Tomatos popping up everywhere! What a treat these will be when they turn red.

So help me understand – I planted pickling cucumbers. Most of them look like little pickles. can these be eaten like baby cucumbers?

Check out this english cucumber!

My dill did this. It’s huge and flowery. Is this edible or has this gone to seed?
Please advise! I love dill and hope I didn’t miss out on the harvest.

Lettuce, lettuce, everywhere. I love not having to buy this from the store.
I planted this with seeds I got free from husband’s grandpa and from a friend who I bartered with!

I finally harvested our carrots. I kept waiting for them to get long and pointy, but they were getting little “strings” off them, so I figured they needed to be picked. They are the most delicious, flavorful carrots ever, despite – being transplanted at a very early stage due to me planting them too close together.

The green beans keep trickling in! I think I’m going to plant more green beans next year.
They are so easy to grow and the kids love them so  much.

Harvested lots of lettuce. Lots of it.

A couple of our meals from our garden this week:

Our first complete salad completely from the garden! Lettuce, carrots, peas, chives, broccoli, tomatos and spinach!

Basil pesto, fresh from the garden. Recipe coming next week!

Made enough pesto for 16 more servings (1 tablespoon each) which went into the freezer! More on this tomorrow.

If you’re just now joining my gardening journey, I’m learning as I go grow and sharing along the way:

The garden is part of our quest to be more self-sufficient this year. We also recently got chickens! See our chicken journey here.

How’s your garden doing? 


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  1. Teresa Craft says:

    I think you can do a second planting of green beans in mid-July that would be done in September.I was going to do this but let the grandbabies and my daughter plant them and they planted all of them, so I am happily drowning in green and wax beans now

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