November 2, 2013

Saturday in the yard – Chickens enjoying the fall weather, lots of leaves to rake (someday)


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted chicken photos. We’ve just been busy truckin’ along this fall and the chickens are doing the same. Thanks to the beautiful, dry, weather we’ve had here in the Northwest the chickens have spent a LOT of extra time running around the yard. I love looking out my kitchen window watching them peck and waddle around the yard. Combine that with the gorgeous fall leaves and it brings me joy to watch.  I still dream of having an actual farm someday and we are saving our pennies to someday make that dream a reality.


Family photo. All eight chickens are here. Of course they are more interested in eating grass and finding grubs than they are about getting their photo taken.


This is a Barred Rock chicken, also called a Plymouth Rock.  She’s beautiful, but doesn’t seem as bright as her friends. She keeps laying eggs on the floor of the coop and not in the nesting box! Anyone have tips for getting her to lay in the box? She lays her eggs right by the front door and they are usually filthy and/or pecked at by the other chickens.


Our egg production is down to about three or four eggs a day. This is typical when the days start getting shorter and the weather starts cooling down. Our older chickens might not be laying anymore? I’m not sure. I was expecting we’d have more than what we are. But I’m grateful for any eggs we get.




I know I should probably rake them up. But I really don’t mind the leaves on the lawn.  . . .

What’s happening in your yard this week?  If you have backyard chickens – how are they doing? See other posts from our backyard and of our chickens here.


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  1. Lynn Phillipi says

    Love your photos. They are taken close to the ground so I feel like I’m living in the picture too. Great posts. Thanks. I love chickens. Wish we could have some, but traveling too much. Happy Holidays.

  2. If you put a light on for 12 hours a day in the coop, it will keep their egg production up 🙂

  3. Put golf balls in your nesting boxes to help your confused chicken know where she should be laying!

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