July 29, 2012

Try a FREE month trial of Netflix (instantly stream, just like cable)

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

I have always had a tough time paying for cable – it’s so expensive. In fact, we usually only have cable during the winter months (football, you know) and then we cancel it during the summer. We have one of the smallest cable packages – it doesn’t include most of the kid’s channels or movie channels that we’d like to have – but we have found Netflix fills that gap for us, and I love that it’s instant, cheap (only $7.99!) and it’s on our terms.

We use Netflix to stream the kids favorite movies – they have nearly EVERY Veggie Tales movie, popular movies like Tangled, TV shows like Dora and Curious George, plus movies and TV series for us. At first we streamed Netflix through our Wii, then we ended up getting a TV with a Netflix app – so it’s all built in and so easy to use. We can even stream movies through our phone when we get desperate!

You can stream from a Wii, Xbox and PS3, along with all these devices . . . including the Nook and Kindle Fire (available on Amazon).

I was excited to see they are offering a FREE one month trial for Netflix right now – you can cancel anytime during the first month and pay no fees. I wanted to tell you about it because you might find that the  $7.99 you’d pay for unlimited streaming could allow you to reduce your cable plan AND the amount of DVDs/movies you buy!

Here are the details on the FREE Membership: Your Netflix membership, including a 1 month free offer, will begin when you click on “Start Membership” during the registration process. Simply cancel anytime during your 1 month free membership, and you will not be charged. To cancel, click on “Your Account” and follow the simple cancellation instructions. No refunds or credits for partial months. You may instantly watch on one device at a time. If you are enjoying Netflix, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate. This 1 month free offer is available to new and certain former members of the Netflix service and cannot be combined with any other offer. 

If you’re a current Netflix customer I’d love to hear you’re thoughts – has it helped you save money? What are your favorite shows to stream? Leave a comment and let me know!


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  1. Patrice says:

    The whole family loves Netflix. My husband watches his favorite Marvel comics shows on his Kindle Fire. When my daughter was away at college, she could still use our account and stream movies on her PC via her instant queue. Now she is living abroad, and Netflix cannot be viewed in foreign countries due to copyright laws.

  2. Chelley says:

    I’m a little bit disappointed with Netflix Instant Video, although I don’t use it as much as I could/should. While there is a lot of stuff available, I find much of the offerings obscure and there’s nothing newer than 2011. I was hoping I would be able to see movies that are currently being released on DVD, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I also have Amazon Prime, but it also doesn’t seem to have current/popular movies and TV available except to be bought.

    Maybe I’ll try Hulu+ next.

    • This is not a problem with Netflix or Amazon. Movie studios are the real culprits here! They don’t release the movies for streaming before DVDs. Why should they? Their main revenue stream is from Movie theatres, then dvds, then streaming.

  3. We’ve never gotten cable (waaaay too expensive); We did try Netflix and liked Veggie Tales and other kid movies, but we had to cancel it since we didn’t have time to watch many of them and felt like we had to watch a certain amount of movies to make up for the fee we’re paying 🙂 Then I discovered that we can get FREE movies at our local library!! I simply go on their website, search for as many DVDs as I’m interested in and place them on hold. The library system collects the videos from several locations and calls you when they’re ready to be picked up. Granted the very new ones get a bit more interest, so you end up waiting longer, but in the meantime you can watch the available ones and hold your place in line when the brand new releases arrive. Love it!!!

  4. We dumped cable and switched over to Netflix and Hulu+. There are some things we can’t get and miss but we love saving over $100 a month on our cable bill. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever go back.

  5. About a year ago we dropped our cable to the smallest package available (dropping it completely would have raised the Internet bill by the same amount as the smallest bundle). At that point we just bought a roku and streamed Netflix and hulu plus. I have since dropped hulu plus because I found there were no benefits fo it on the shows I wanted to watch; they still expired after a week and I couldn’t watch them on tv or iPad. I LOVE my Netflix though. We now have a tv that streams it and my husband watches espn3 through the xbox. I think he misses cable the most since the huskies rarely play on anything besides FSN. The thing I do miss is the dvr, a lot of shows that I used to watch all the time now get missed.

    • I have never had any shows on hulu plus expire after a week….? I tend to catch up on shows, 2-3 episodes in a row at a time.

      • It was pretty little liars from abc family that I had this happen on. I also had hulu plus right after it came out so maybe it’s gotten better.

    • When I called to cancel my cable – they offered me the smallest cable package telling me without it, my internet costs would go way up..but I declined because if you look at your cable bill, the tax you pay on the cable part is pretty high (they fail to mention that you). So dropping cable and paying a higher cost for just internet does save you money since you don’t have to pay the cable tax, which if I remember correctly it was about $10/month. Also, another thing I did to cut costs was I bought my own modem. I didn’t realize I was paying $7/month to rent their modem. I now pay $60/month for internet and $8/month for netflix which I stream through my roku 🙂

      I also had hulu plus and dropped it after a few months. It seems like a lot of their content was available to view on the computer but they wouldn’t let me stream to my roku to watch on my tv.

  6. We have been cable free for a looooong time now. My husband plays XBox live games, which is about $50/year already. Then we discovered Netflix and Hulu plus, which air a lot of regular TV shows the day after they air. Between everything, we pay $8.75 plus tax for each of those two things, plus the $50/year for Xbox live (you have to have an XBox live membership to use internet based apps on the XBox. So we essentially pay $22/mo and can watch close to whatever we want, and the only commercials we have to deal with is the small amount they play on hulu plus. I think it is well worth it, and a lot easier to control what we watch for ourselves (who loves to space out on front of mindless TV?) and also for our son.

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