February 9, 2014

Snow in the Northwest! Sliding, sleds, snowballs and snow much fun


Waking up to snow on a warm Sunday is pretty sweet. The snow was PERFECT. It was the stickiest I’ve seen in a LONG time and the best for snowballs, snowmen, snow slides. . .we spent most of the day out in the snow and had so much (free) fun.


What started out as a big snowball ended up turning into a pretty sweet slide, that strangely resembles an elephant. My fingers haven’t quite recovered from all the scooping and packing – and I’m fairly certain I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow – but what fun we had building this!


My daughter saying, “faster, faster!” as we give her nudge from the top of the slide. She is quite a daredevil.


Teamwork. Giving each other pushes at the top of the slide.  We lost count how many times they went down the slide.


We dug out the sled, which we’ve used about two times since we bought it. And had fun taking turns around the yard.


Not a thing growing here. Can’t wait until spring. All my pots were covered with inches of snow.


And my raised beds look like little beds with white comforters. Guess it’s too early to plant?  🙂


I love taking photos in the snow because all the white seems to make everything more vibrant. This is the birch tree in my front yard. I love it because it reminds me of home – we have a lot of birch trees in Alaska where I grew up.



The birds aren’t sure what to think.


My rosemary plants, covered in snow. And a bird house just peeking out.


Don’t need a weather vane to tell you – there is snow. Thinking they should have de-iced this plane.


We opened up the chicken coop and the chickens looked at us with disgust before going up into the hen house. The chickens want nothing to do with the snow. And considering they don’t have boots on, I don’t blame them. 🙂

If you live in the Northwest and you were blessed with a blanket of white snow today, I’m hoping you got a chance to get outside and play in it!


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  1. You pictures are gorgeous! : )

  2. The snow slide is AWESOME!

  3. Love the photos! We are orig. from the Northeast and haven’t seen this kind of snow since we were back home! It was much welcomed. Last night we were out for hours playing football in it and building snowmen! Today we were right back out in it. Not sure the pets knew what to do! Our cat “b-lined” it for the outside (he is an inside cat) and screeched to a hault once he hit the snow and scrambled back inside. We adopted him at the shelter here, so I am not sure he has ever seen this white stuff before!

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