January 8, 2015

Sunday Coupon Preview January 11 – Three Inserts, 2 Smart Source + 1 Red Plum

This Sunday we should get three coupon inserts – two Smart Source (SS) and one Red Plum (RP). If you live in the Puget Sound area, scroll to the bottom of this post for a special newspaper subscription offer. Here’s a sneak peak of just SOME of the coupons you should see. I have bolded the coupons that I think will make for the best deals.

Don’t forget to check out our printable coupons as well. We’ve seen lots of great printables over the last week and the best ones never last long!


Del Monte $.50/1 15oz+ canned fruit (3/29)
Dial/Tone $1/2 dial foaming hand soaps 7.5oz+, dial deep cleansing hand soaps 8oz+, dial liquid hand soap refills, dial or dial for men bar soaps 3pk+ or tone bar soaps 2pk+ (1/31)
Dial/Tone B2G1 free dial or tone bar soaps 6pk+, dial or dial for men body washes 12oz+, dial lotions 12oz+ or tone body washes 18oz+ up to $4.49 (1/31)
Fiora $.55/1 12 roll bath tissue or 6 roll+ paper towels (2/15)
Gain $1/2 detergents or fabric enhancers excludes fireworks, flings and trial (2/28)
Garnier $2/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment ets (2/7)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 styler product ets (2/7)
Gillette B2G1 free male disposable excludes system razors, cartridge packs and trial up to $10.99 (1/25)
Johnsonville $1/2 smoked sausage products dnd (3/7)
L’Oreal $1/1 paris eye product (2/7)
L’Oreal $1/1 paris lip product (2/7)
L’Oreal $5/2 preference excludes preference mousse absolue (2/7)
Mars $1/2 snickers, m&m’s, twix, milky way or minis mix products 8oz+ dnd (2/22)
Maybelline New York $1/1 face product (2/7)
Pedigree B1G1 free treats for dogs up to $4.05 (3/7)
Peet’s Coffee $3/2 bags 12 or 20oz (2/28)
Peet’s Coffee $3/2 k-cup packs 10 or 16ct (2/28)
Skittles/Starburst $1.50/2 bags 9oz+ dnd (2/2)
Tide/Gain/Downy/Bounce $2/1 tide pods, gain flings, downy untopables, bounce burts or gain fireworks excludes tide pods 5ct, gain flings 5ct and trial (2/28)
Venus/Daisy B2G1 free disposable excludes system razors, cartridge packs and trial up to $10.99 (1/25)
Weight Watchers $.55/1 sweet baked goods dnd (4/30)
Weight Watchers $.75/1 box cereal dnd (2/28)
Weight Watchers $1/1 frozen novelty dnd (4/30)
Weight Watchers $1/5 smart ones dnd (2/10)


Benefiber $3/1 powder or stick packs (1/25)
Blink $2/1 tears or geltears (2/16)
Cheerios $.75/1 protein cereal (2/21)
Complete $1/1 12oz+ solution (2/16)
Dole $1/1 garden soup (3/18)
Ensure $3/1 active multipack (3/8)
Gevalia $1/1 coffee product (2/22)
Green Mountain Gringo $1/1 salsa 16oz jar (3/15)
Halls $1/2 single bags 17ct+ (2/21)
Huggies $1.50/1 diapers (2/7)
Huggies $2/1 little snugglers, little movers or overnites diapers (2/7)
Johnsonville $1/2 sausage packages (3/16)
Ken’s $.75/1 16oz+ dressing (2/28)
Ken’s $1/1 16oz+ caesar dressing (2/28)
Lypsyl $1/1 lip care product (4/25)
Mineral Ice $2/1 product (1/24)
Mott’s $1/1 juice or sauce (2/28)
Nature Valley $.75/1 protein crunchy granola (2/21)
Oscar Mayer $1/2 lunch meat packages (3/8)
Snack Factory $1/2 pretzel crisps products 6oz+ (3/1)
Snack Pack $.45/3 pudding or gel 4pks (2/22)
Snack Pack $.75/1 super pudding 6pk (2/22)
So Delicious $1/1 dairy free product (4/30)
Theraflu/Triaminic $5/2 products (1/17)
Viva $1/1 regular or vantage paper towels 6pk+ (2/21)
Welch’s $1/2 fruit snacks, fruit ‘n yogurt snacks or pb&j snacks 8, 10, 22, 40 or 66ct boxes (2/21)
Wheat Thins/Ritz $1/2 wheat thins toasted chips, popped chips or toasted pita crackers or ritz toasted chips 4.5oz+ (2/22)
Wheaties $.75/1 cereal (2/21)
Yardley $1/4 bar soaps or 1 shower gel or body wash 16oz (4/25)


Airborne $1/1 product (7/11)
Birds Eye $1/1 voila! product (3/11)
CeraVe $10/2 baby products ets (3/31)
Cooked Perfect $1.50/1 meatball bag (4/12)
Del Monte $.50/1 seasoned vegetables (4/5)
GE $1/1 reveal, energy smart, energy-efficient soft white or led lighting product (3/11)
Glade Buy 1 scented oil refill, get 1 scented oil warmer free up to $1.50 (2/7)
Glade Buy 1 wax melts warmer, get 1 wax melts refill free up to $3.49 (2/7)
GoGo squeeZ $1/2 4pk+ (2/28)
Hershey’s/Reese’s Buy 1 13oz spreads jar, get 1 candy bar 1.5-1.55oz free up to $1.29 (3/8)
La Victoria $1/2 salsa products (3/9)
Mucinex $2/1 product (2/22)
Precious $1/1 stingsters or sticksters snack cheese 10oz+ dnd (4/30)
Schick $5/2 xtreme3, st2 or st3, slim twin, quattro titanium or quattro for women disposable razor pack excludes 2ct, 10+2ct, hydro 5 disposables and hydro silk disposables (2/22)
Scrubbing Bubbles B1G1 free toilet cleaning gel up to $4 (2/210)
Scrubbing Bubbles Buy 1 fresh brush starter kit & caddy, get 1 fresh brush refill free up to $4 (2/21)
Snyder’s of Hanover/Cape Code $1/2 snyder’s pretzels or tortilla chips and/or cape cod potato chips (4/15)
Windex $.75/1 product (2/21)
Wish-Bone/Western $1/2 dressings (3/11)
Ziploc $1/2 bags (3/21)
Ziploc $1/2 containers (3/21)

You can get the FULL list of other possible coupons here. We won’t know exactly what coupons will be in the paper for sure until Sunday!


For those of you that live in the Puget Sound, the News Tribune Couponers subscription offer this is HOT!  You can snag multiple Sunday papers for only $1/each delivered! Plus they are now offering a BONUS gift card – up to $30 with a new subscription. Once you calculate the value of the gift cards – pay as little as $0.76 per paper! This is the best price I’ve seen on the News Tribune in a very long time! What are your favorite coupons today?

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