May 17, 2018

Sunday Coupon Preview May 20 – Two Inserts, Smart Source and Red Plum

This Sunday we should get two coupon inserts – a Smart Source and a Red Plum. If you live in the Puget Sound area, scroll to the bottom of this post for a special newspaper subscription offer. Here’s a sneak peak of just SOME of the coupons you should see. I have bolded the coupons that I think will make for the best deals.

Don’t forget to check out our printable coupons!


Alberto V05 $.50/1 shampoo or conditioner 33oz or 12.5oz sulfate free 12.5oz dnd (6/10)
Alka-Seltzer $1/1 product (6/17)
Ball/Kerr $2/1 12pk jars case dnd (6/30)
Ball/Kerr $2/2 or more lids with bands dnd (6/30)
Banana Boat $4/2 sun care products excluding 1oz, 1.8oz, 2oz, lip balm, and trial sizes (6/30)
Claritin $4/1 30ct+ (6/17)
Claritin-D $4/1 15ct+ (6/17)
Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+ (6/2)
Cortizone 10 $3/2 items 1.5oz+ (8/21)
Cottonelle $.75/1 toilet paper 6+ rolls (6/9)
DenTek $1/1 ultimate comfort pick or easy brush interdental cleaner (6/30)
Dole $1/1 dippers (7/15)
Dole $1/2 fruit bowls (7/31)
Easy-Off $.75/1 oven, grill, or kitchen degreaser (7/20)
Eucerin $2/1 baby product (6/2)
Eucerin $2/1 body lotion, crème, or wash 8oz+ excluding baby (6/2)
Fiji $1/1 multipack or case pack 330ml+ (7/20)
Hawaiian Tropic $1/1 sun care product excluding lip balm and trial (6/30)
Huggies $.55/1 wipes 48ct+ (6/16)
Nabisco $.75/2 cookie or cracker products 3.5oz+ (6/20)
Nivea $4/2 body lotion, in-shower body lotion, or cream products ets (6/2)
Nivea Men $2/1 body shaving stick or body shaving soothing after shave lotion (6/2)
Off! $.75/1 botanicals product excluding 2oz and 2.5oz (7/1)
OxiClean $3/1 laundry detergent (6/20)
Pull-Ups $2/1 training pants 7ct+ (6/16)
Rubbermaid $3/1 freshworks produce saver container or set dnd (7/15)
Sargento $1/2 cheese slices (6/23)
Sweet Baby Ray’s $1/1 wing sauce/marinade (6/30)
Sweet Baby Ray’s $1/2 dipping sauce (6/30)
Sweet Baby Ray’s $1/3 barbecue sauce (6/30)
Viva $.75/1 vantage or regular paper towels 6pk+ (6/9)
Weber $1/2 seasoning products dnd (8/31)
Werther’s Original $.50/1 sugar free caramels (7/22)
Wet n Wild $.50/1 product (6/2)
Wet n Wild $1/1 face product (6/2)
Wet n Wild $2/1 mega cushion foundation (6/2)
Wonderful $1/1 pistachios no shells product 12oz+ (7/20)


All $2/1 liquid detergent 94.5oz+ (6/9)
Best Foods Buy 2 mayonnaise 15oz+, get $2 off 1 ketchup product (6/3)
Dunkin’ Donuts $2/1 cold brew coffee product (7/15)
Dunkin’ Donuts $2/2 coffee products excluding cold brew (7/15)
Garnier Fructis $3/2 shampoo, conditioner, or treatment ets (6/2)
Got2b $2/1 styling product ets (6/10)
Persil $2/1 proclean laundry detergent excluding 6 loads or less (6/9)
Stonefire $1/1 product (8/31)
Vaseline $2/1 lotion 10oz+ (6/9)
Vicks $1/1 pure zzzs soothing aromatherapy balm ets dnd (6/16)
ZzzQuil $1/1 product ets dnd (6/16)

You can get the FULL list of other possible coupons here. We won’t know exactly what coupons will be in the paper for sure until Sunday!


For those of you that live in the Puget Sound, the News Tribune Couponers subscription offer this is HOT!  You can snag multiple Sunday papers for only $1/each delivered! Plus they are now offering a BONUS gift card – up to $30 with a new subscription. Once you calculate the value of the gift cards – pay as little as $0.76 per paper! This is the best price I’ve seen on the News Tribune in a very long time! What are your favorite coupons today?

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