February 26, 2011

Tacoma News Tribune Sunday paper offer, gets better!

If you are currently getting multiple copies of the Sunday News Tribune delivered as part of the Queen Bee Coupon special offer – they are now including the daily paper, Monday through Saturday for FREE! This is great news because although there aren’t full-blown coupon inserts in the daily issues there can be grocery store, retail or restaurant coupons in the paper that you can take advantage of!

So – just to be clear, if you are getting three (3) or more of the Sunday paper delivered right now, you should start getting the daily paper delivered every other day of the week – at no extra cost! Oh and don’t forget to give me a heads up when you find a coupon in the paper that you think I should highlight!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. Is there a way to get the Queen Bee Sunday offer without getting the Monday through Saturday papers too?

  2. I was going to ask you about this I got a letter the other day I am so excited because during the holidays there were a lot of ads for daily sales etc. that it was hard to keep up on without a copy of the paper! this is a great bonus! I am officially in Love with the News Tribune. Maybe we missed the mark we should have sent them valentines!

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