April 2, 2020

We are leaving LuLaRoe . . .

Hey friends. . . I wanted to give you an update on an exciting change here in the Clarke (Queen Bee) family. For the last three years we’ve been LuLaRoe retailers and we made the decision as of yesterday to stop carrying the LuLaRoe brand. This wasn’t a decision made lightly – but after months of consideration we know it’s the right choice for us. Let me tell you more. . .

I’m always been one to follow my heart – no matter how scary it seems (remember when we sold everything and moved into an Airstream?) – and we feel really compelled to be our own entity – to source our own products and to have more control over the things in our shop.

In early January of this year I started a boutique called Ramona Rose Co. Named after my two grandmas – Ramona and Rosalee – I’ve been sourcing things that make my heart go pitter-patter and things that bring me joy. Funky earrings, fun coffee mugs, colorful bags, cheeky hats. . . and it filled my cup in all the ways I needed. Everything we carry passes the “grandma test” – which is I won’t carry or promote an item unless I’d endorse or share it with my grandma. . .or my sister . . or my family! It’s how I’ve always done business here on the Queen Bee site – and how I proudly do business in all the many ventures we’ve pursued.

By leaving the LuLaRoe brand we’re able to source our own clothing and be able to buy products from small family-run businesses. For example, these wine tumblers were laser engraved by a family in Wisconsin!

Or these kid’s checklists are made by an artist out of New York! This is the type of stuff that makes my heart happy and it’s making a difference in the lives of other small business owners!

Now more than ever I see a need to support other local, family-run businesses! Our economy and country count on it. And with Ramona Rose we’re able to do that! Not everything will be US made but it will be a prominent focus for us.

We would love to have you join our Ramona Rose Facebook group here and like our Ramona Rose Facebook page here.

If you want to see our products and register to be a customer with us – please REGISTER here and connect your Facebook page. We’ll be doing some fun giveaways for our registered customers in the coming week!

Ramona Rose Co is how we’ll be supporting our family from here on out.  Of course, I’ll still be blogging here (and hopefully have more time than before because the technology with Ramona Rose Co is going to save us so much back office work) – but the blogging world has shifted dramatically in the last five years and it’s much harder to support a family on a coupon blog income (it’s why we started doing LuLaRoe to begin with!). As long as we’re able to support our family with Ramona Rose – I’ll be able to blog here as well.

Do you have a favorite local, small business brand we should carry? Please comment and let me know about it! 


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  1. Dirty Man Soap Co and Santa Lucia Coffee and handmade chocolates! Both from right here in Lewis Co Wa. Pacific Northwest Cookie co, too!

  2. Rosalind Chinneth says

    My favorite is https://www.poppyandthyme.com/ . used to be local but moved to Wisconsin. Family run business.

  3. Congrats on your decision. We met years ago at your garage sale, and I was impressed by your bold move of selling it all and traveling the country. I hope this endeavor is another successful one for you!

  4. I think you would enjoy sunohenna.com

    This is a local mama in the area. Her love and passion spill into everything she creates.

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