July 18, 2012

We picked our chicken names! Winners of $15 Amazon gift cards, plus a chicken update

Thank you to everyone who entered our Name our Chickens contest! We had so much fun sitting around the dining room table discussing the names as a family. The two winning names are Chena and Marmalade. I think the chickens like their new names, too.

Two lucky Queen Bee readers suggested the winning names – and they will both get $15 Amazon gift cards for their suggestions. If you see your name here – check your email!

Jaylene suggested the name Chena to remind me of home since I’m from Alaska. Chena, pronounced Chee-na, is the main river that runs through my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. We spent many summers playing in that river. My kids like the name too, easy to say.

Bevel suggested the name Marmalade and my son, who was eating toast and jelly for breakfast thought it was PERFECT. We all agreed.

Our chickens are still doing great! We just got back from a four day vacation at the Washington coast (more on that later) and they survived with just a few visits from our neighbors to check on them while were gone. We told the neighbor they could have any eggs they harvested while we were gone – so it worked out great. The chickens were happy to see us and ran around the yard last night picking at grubs.

We are getting 3-4 delicious eggs a day from our chickens. Two of our chickens, Girly and Princess-Leia-Egg are still a little young, so we imagine that they will start laying more as they get older.

The coop is holding up great and we painted it last week, on our wedding anniversary of all days, it was actually a fun project in the sun, and hopefully the paint will keep the OSB from absorbing water. Paint was cheaper than siding, although the color we had is a gross brown – so we’ll see how long it stays up there. I plan to blog more about the coop building in sometime this summer.



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  1. Karinna says:

    What?!?!? I went to West Valley in 95. Wow. Small world. My sis went to Lathrop. Keysha Sanchez. Ha. I’m going to dig my yearbook up. If you look at your 95 yearbook I’m in there. Choir and some other stuff. Mindy yunker was my bff. Her sis Betsy went to WVHS too.

  2. Heather I had no idea you were from Fairbanks! My parents have been living there since 94 due to the military. My mom works at Fbks Memorial and all of my sibblings went to Lathrop. Cool beans!

    • No way! I went to West Valley. I graduated in ’98 and then came to Washington for college. What are your siblings names? I wonder if I know them! Crazy, small world.

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