January 31, 2013

Winco Valentine Deals – Bulk candy can save you big


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We get some great deals on candy using coupons but don’t forget about buying from bulk bins. Winco has an extensive collection of Valentine’s candy right now – and when I do the math it often comes out cheaper than buying it by the bag!


For example, take a look at the popular Conversation Hearts – only $1.58/lb at Winco! The small boxes are usually $0.25 or $0.33 for the 1 oz boxes. That’s $4 a pound, which is more than twice the price you’d pay for bulk! Or another way to look at it is paying $0.10 cents per box!

Here are some of the delicious candies I spotted in the Winco bulk bins. . .there are so many possibilities for treats and Valentines!


Valentine Red Hot Hearts – $1.18 /lb


Cherry-Flavored Jelly Hearts – $1.68/lb


Palmers Peanut-Butter Filled Hearts – $1.88/lb


Red and white gummy bears – $1.88/lb


Gummy Sour Hearts – $1.88/lb


Heart-shaped jelly beans – $4.48 /lb


While I was at Winco I also found Valentine window clings for $0.98 cents a sheet! I bought two sheets and my daughter and I decorated the front window today! She loved it. . .almost as much as sneaking some of the candy when I was taking photos. 🙂

And make sure and check out Winco’s Valentine aisle. They have boxed candies, Valentines, decorations and much more!

See my full list of Winco match-ups here – they have some great deals this week! And stay tuned – I hope to make some fun treats with these Valentine candies. 🙂 

Do you buy candy in bulk? What should I make with these beautiful candies? 

Note: These prices were collected at the Lacey, Washington Winco sale. Prices vary by store. 


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  1. She is super cute! 🙂

    Does anyone have ideas on what I could do with the bulk candy for my son’s preschool class? I’m not feeling very creative right now but know I need to plan something for their party. lol

  2. Aweee…she is so beautiful Heather!!! And I love that candy over at Winco bulk section too, it can save $$ when it comes to valentines for sure.

  3. She’s such a sweetie. I hope she’s feeling better. It’s no fun being sick.

  4. I love buying candy in bulk! I get Easter candy from there for Easter egg hunts, too, WAY cheaper than bagged, even with coupons! Plus, you don’t have have tons of leftovers that make you feel guilty if you eat or toss it! 🙂

  5. Heather J. says

    She is absolutely DARLING!!!

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