February 7, 2011

Winco – Weekly sales flyer, valid thru 2/14

I received a HOT Winco ad in the mail this past weekend. Lots of great store coupons to use which you can combine with manufacturer coupons when they are available! You do need the coupons to get the listed price, so check with your local store if you don’t have an ad.

This ad is valid at these stores:

  • 7540 Martin Way East, Lacey
  • 6621 166th Ave. E., Sumner
  • 9518 176th St. E., Puyallup

These are store coupons, so you can use manufacturer coupons

Coke products 12 packs  – $1.98, limit two, with in-ad coupon

Nabisco Saltines – $0.78, limit one, with in-ad coupon
$1/2 coupon from 1/30 SS insert
or $1/2 coupon from the Game Day Playbook coupon book
Final price = 2 for ? Not sure how much the second one will be, as the store coupon is limit one.

Nissin cup noodles 12 pack – $2.98, limit one, with in-ad coupon

Bertolli Pasta Sauce – $0.98, limit two, with in-ad coupon

Santitas Tortilla Chips – $0.78, limit two, with in-ad coupon

Tenderbird Chicken breast boneless skinless, frozen – $3.98, limit one, with in-ad coupon

Campbell’s Chunky soup: $0.98, limit two, with in-ad coupon
$.40/2 coupon from 1/2 Smart Source insert (expires 2/13/11)
$.50/2 coupon from 1/2 Smart Source insert (expires 2/13/11)
$1/4 coupon from 1/23 SS insert
$0.50/2 printable coupon from Campbell’s Web site
$1/3 printable coupon from Campbell’s Web site
$1.50/4 printable coupon from Campbell’s Web site
$2/5 printable coupon from Campbell’s Web site
Final price = as low as $0.73 cents each

Bar S Bacon 12 oz – $0.98, limit two, with in-ad coupon

Kraft Cheese 2lb brick Colby or Med Cheddar – $2.98, limit one, with in-ad coupon

MD bath tissue 12 pack double rolls – $3.98, limit one, with in-ad coupon

I guess this circular was mailed to everyone who lives in the area, did you get it? The store should have some on hand but the Winco rep said they can’t guarantee the store will have them, as they can run out of them pretty quickly. They don’t print a whole lot of extras to keep in-store costs down. But don’t despair. . .

Can’t find a Winco coupon ad? The Winco rep said if you do not receive a copy by Tuesday, you can send your address through the Winco feedback form and if there are remaining copies in the Winco marketing office, they will send one to you immediately and add you to their list of future special mailings. Isn’t that nice?

Winco coupon policy – Make sure and read the Winco coupon policy before going shopping so you know what to expect. The Winco rep said that most stores start off accepting printed coupons, but they WILL STOP accepting printed coupons if they experience a lot of fraud. This is why the coupon policy says some stores don’t accept printed coupons. So make sure and DON’T ever make copies of printed coupons – that’s fraud and don’t make your own coupons up, that’s obviously fraud. If we all follow the rules and don’t abuse the system, we can all reap the benefits!


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  1. I shopped at Lacey, they required me to give them all the coupons I was using, and I could not have them back, a little dissapointed, but oh well. Thanks for the heads up and helping me save money!

  2. Celia Husmann says:

    Lame, we don’t get them in the mail either.

  3. I also asked at the Lacey store, and they do NOT carry the ads in store. I will sign up on the feedback form, as I don’t recieve them in the mail either. I do all my shopping at Winco now. Less than half of what you pay at other grocery stores, even without coupons! I LOVE Winco!

  4. I’m so jealous. I wish the Kent store would be sending out these coupons!

  5. I was in there last week, they also had Taco Bell Taco shells 10 ct. for $0.98
    use the Taco Bell $0.75/2 coupon to get an even better deal! (They were in the entry aisle, on the right toward the end at the Kent store.)

  6. They also have their deli roast beef on sale for $1.98/pound. No coupon is needed. We stock up and freeze it for french dip sandwiches. If you are going to the Lacey location, don’t forget to stop at the Franz Bakery Outlet store which is a few blocks south of there for your sandwich rolls!

    • Great tips. I really appreciate comments like this! I just went to the bakery outlet a few weeks ago- great place!

    • I purchased the roast beef, it was okay especially for the price but don’t expect great roast beef. I’m using it for french dip sandwiches so it was ok but I don’t know that I’d buy it again.

  7. I went to the Sumner location on Saturday and forgot my add so asked for an ad and they said they don’t carry copies of the ad in store.

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