February 11, 2018

Five Reasons to Consider Staying at a Deluxe Resort at Disney World

Is a deluxe resort worth it at Disney World?

When you hear the words Deluxe Resort and Disney World combined, your first thought might be price. Is there a good value in making these resorts your place to stay during your Disney World vacation?

Let’s take a look at why the Deluxe Resorts might be the right fit for you. . .

1. There are five (5) people in your party. Value resorts sleep only 4, and Moderate and Deluxe both sleep 5. But space is a bit tight in the smaller moderate resort rooms, which means that if your family of five is not made up of very young kids, you might feel squished. Moderate Resort rooms will have a pull down banquette as the bedding for the fifth person, which is meant for smaller children, while the Deluxe Resorts include a day bed style couch for more of a regular sized twin bed feel.

2. Convenience is a priority for you. The Deluxe Resorts, with the exception of Animal Kingdom Lodge, all offer an alternative transportation method to the bus system to at least one of the parks (most of them offering it for two parks). These resorts are the closest to the theme parks and cut down your travel time. For some, monorail and boat rides sound more fun and magical than bus rides. And some resorts are even walking distance! For example, you can walk to the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary Resort and to Epcot from the Beach Club. Plus, these resorts have easy access to each other meaning multiple dining options are quick and easy to get to.

3. You have littles and want to see the fireworks from the room. Some toddlers are just not quite able to make it to showtime. Resorts that offer a Theme Park View room category allow families to watch the fireworks right from the comfort of their hotel room.

4. It’s a special occasion. Honeymooners are often seeking a special experience that they can remember forever. Special birthday trips to mark milestones are another example. For honeymooners, a Deluxe Resort offers a beautiful addition to the theme park experience, with lots to enjoy during down time. For special birthdays, having some of the best pools and views of fireworks make the trip extra magical.

5. You’re a bit of a bed snob. I say this lovingly, as I’m definitely a bed snob myself! If you can’t sleep unless your mattress and pillows are comfy, you’ll find the best match at the Deluxe Resorts. Beds in the moderate level are a bit less comfortable, and the value resorts have beds that I would call hard.

6. You consider the resort a part of the vacation. Sometimes people think that if they go to Disney World, they’ll never be able to see their hotel because they have to be in the parks all day. We specialize in Disney vacation planning that allows you to get so much more done in less time that almost all our clients take us up on planning resort time into their stay to really enjoy those amenities. If you typically find that a good or bad hotel can make or break your vacations, then choosing a Deluxe Resort is probably the best option for you.

Every family has different wants and needs, and no one resort category will be the right fit for everyone. We work with clients to make sure they’re going to be staying the best resort for their family. But we love helping clients decide which ones are the right fit! A Deluxe Resort absolutely has good value in terms of convenience, space, amenities and wow factor if that’s what you are looking for. If you’d like help determine exactly where to stay, be sure to reach out to a Disney expert who can take all of the stress out of decisions and planning

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