April 22, 2019

Ancestry.com Sale – AncestryDNA Kits – $69, GREAT price!


For a short time, Ancestry.com has AncestryDNA Kits on sale for $69. This is a great price! Valid until April 25.

Getting your AncestryDNA is an easy process – order your kit online today, once you receive it you send in a sample of your saliva and within a few weeks receive your DNA results.  With your DNA results you’ll receive  a breakdown of your ethnic mix across 26 regions/ethnicity and the ability to connect with others in the AncestryDNA network who share your DNA.  The process is private and secure and at any time you can choose to download raw DNA data and have your results deleted from AncestryDNA.

Order your AncestryDNA Kit here

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