May 3, 2013

Freezer Organization – Before and after photos from reader Roxanne


After I posted photos of our freezer organization, reader Roxanne was inspired to clean out her freezer. She sent me before and after photos and this email:

“I loved your idea so much, I set out to organize my kitchen freezer – I don’t have any other freezer space, and my husband and I love to buy in bulk when we find deals, so you can imagine how out of control our freezer space had become. I’ve emailed you before and after shots, Heather, because I’m so proud of this accomplishment . . . in fact, after I finished, I was able to add 12 pounds of Italian and breakfast sausage that I’d packaged but didn’t have room for! Thank you for your great ideas; you are my inspiration!”


Roxanne used my suggestion to organize her items using clearly labeled boxes. So much easier to find items!


Jars and tall tupperware fit perfectly in the door!  Great job, Roxanne! It look fantastic. See my tips for how to organize your freezer here!


If you have before/after photos of projects or things you’ve organized, I’d love to see!

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