December 12, 2016

Holiday recipes ideas (and tips for saving time!) from Safeway and Lucerne Farms


I don’t know about you, but this time of year I love to try new recipes – especially for holiday gatherings and meals. I’ve partnered with Lucerne® Dairy Farms, whose products are exclusively found at Safeway, to share some holiday recipes I think you’ll love.


Did you know Lucerne makes a pumpkin cream cheese? Sound delicious. Pick up some Lucerne® Pumpkin Cream Cheese and you can make this recipe for Triple Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars! The prep time for this is just 15 minutes!


And a cheesecake in 20 minutes? This No-Bake Egg Nog Cheesecake serves 8 and takes 20 minutes to make. Pop it into the fridge the night before your holiday meal and it’s ready to go when your guests are ready for some dessert! I noticed Lucerne also has a Pumpkin Spice Whipped Topping that would be perfect for topping this cheesecake!


If you have overnight guests, this Cream Cheese Topped French Toast with Pumpkin Spiced Cream Cheese, would be a great breakfast idea. It sounds fancier than it is and won’t take you long to whip up. Serve with some scrambled Lucerne eggs for those who prefer a more savory breakfast.  Oh, and Lucerne makes some wonderful coffee creamer flavors to liven up your morning cup of coffee.

In addition to these yummy recipes, Safeway’s own Chef Anderson has some pro tips to make your life easier during the happiest (and busiest) time of the year.

Before diving into cooking and baking this holiday season, check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer to make sure you have all the essentials.

Pro tipPut extra flour and sugar in the pantry, stock up on an 18 count of Lucerne® Eggs, and store Lucerne® Butter in the freezer so you have it on hand for those last minute parties you’ll be attending or hosting!


Before you begin baking your scrumptious treats, organize all of your ingredients, utensils and baking materials. Use these simple steps to help you prepare and not waste any time in the kitchen:

Gather – Pull together all of your ingredients.
Measure – Before you get your hands dirty, pre-measure your dry ingredients such as flour, salt, dairy, spices, etc.
Ready – Get your oven pre-heated before you start, so there is no waiting around


Have an early morning start? Prepare items that can be made ahead of time and freeze until it’s go time! As an example, freeze your Pumpkin Chocolate Rolls made with Lucerne® Pumpkin Flavored Cream Cheese and then pop into the oven before guests arrive and smell the aroma when they walk through the door!

Pro tip – Take the extra step, and prepare whipped cream to top off your desserts! Try out this recipe using just four ingredients including Lucerne® Heavy Whipping Cream. This is great for coffee drinks, kids’ treats, adult beverages and more!

Read over your recipe a few days in advance. When menu planning, make notes, check your inventory, and think through potential questions that could arise while preparing the recipe.

Find these delicious recipes and more at and shop for all the necessary Lucerne® products at your local Safeway stores.

Sponsored post :: This post was sponsored by Safeway and Lucerne. Lucerne is available exclusively at Safeway in the Seattle area. All content and opinions are my own. You can learn more in my disclosure policy.

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