April 19, 2012

*HOT* Safeway Just for U Program is here in the Northwest! Personalized prices, FREE eggs?

This is big news for Safeway shoppers – their popular Just for U Safeway program is finally here in the Northwest! Just for U offers you personalized savings based on your previous shopping habits. I logged into my account and found I got $0.25 cent limes. . . I might have to celebrate with Margaritas (hee hee). I also scored a FREE dozen of eggs – which I believe is available to all new Just for U users! I also had a lot of other personalized offers like Fresh Express salad mixes for $1.29 and Tilliamook sour cream for $1.69.  It’s a little freaky how they are tailored to my “likes” or my shopping history – but if I can get deals on products I use regularly, I guess it’s worth it.

Here’s how to access the Safeway Just for U program: 

  • Login to your Safeway account (create one if you haven’t)
  • You should see a Just for U graphic (like the yellow one pictured above).
  • Click on “personalized deals” to see the special prices offered just for you.
  • You can select Coupon Center – which takes you to the e-coupons. I spotted a $1 coupon good off any Planter’s peanut butter!
  • With e-coupons you just “add” them to your card. At checkout, when you enter your phone number or swipe your card, the coupons are automatically deducted! It’s super easy.

I recommend printing your list the first few times you go to the store. The program is new, so I will bring my list, to be safe. I have heard people have had issues with the free egg coupon coming off at checkout.

Head over to the Just For U frequently asked questionsI found it helpful in understanding how the program works.

And I’d love to hear – what do you think of this program? Go login and tell me what you got!

Find other Safeway deals here.

(Thanks, Frugal Living NW!)


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  1. imjustagirl says:

    There were sweet period at the beginning. I did lots of stock up when E coupons price adjusted, then I could scanned paper coupons on top of it also. Many items were pennies or free. Now they tweak it. Party is over!

  2. I’m a little late to this savings party BUT… I have finally signed up for the program and even after looking through the posts above, Safeway’s FAQs, and trying to google my question I’m till without a clear answer.

    Are the “Coupon Center” coupons stackable with manufacturer’s coupons that I get in the paper or print from coupons.com? I know the Safeway policy says only one manufacturer coupon per item. I can’t tell from Stacy and Annie’s comments above if they are talking about the same question I have or something related to external ecoupons?

    Thanks for any insight!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I just checked and both my husband and I have the free egg offers on our card. There were a few other special prices, but most of them weren’t too exciting.

  4. Are these special prices able to be used more than once? I know it says unlimited but is that quantity of items or how many times we can buy them (before it expires?). Plus, can you use q’s with these prices as well?

  5. We’ve had this in Southern CA for a couple months now – it’s awesome!!!!

  6. My personalized list thing looks like I shop for a frat house: Hostess snacks, Coke, chips, Gatorade, bread, potatoes etc. I love junk food but when I go to lunch, the guys in my shop will ask me to pick them up snacks so I go to Safeway (which is the closest store) get their items and whatever random thing I think we may be out of at home.

    • D’Anna mine too! Right now I am buying a lot of things for my hubby who is deployed, so junk food galore! lol

  7. Another interesting thing is that our family only eats red grapes. The special I got was for green grapes.

  8. I noticed some of my specials are higher than the sale prices this week.

    Also I noticed with ecoupons at Safeway lately they can’t be used with a store coupon. I see my ecoupons are taken off but the minute they scan the store coupon my ecoupons get loaded back on. So frustrating it just started to do this.

    • You have to know which ecoupons are manufacturers and which are store.. you can’t use two manufacturers..

      • Thanks for the answer. I am understanding the 2 manf coupons. But I thought you would be able to use a store in ad coupon and a ecoupon together. It wouldn’t lead to 2 manf coupons

  9. Thanks for posting! 🙂 I’ve been waiting and checking their site every now and then. One of my pesonalized deals, in addition to free eggs are vine ripen tomatoes for .99 per pound.

  10. I got the coupons in the mail yesterday for the free items!!

  11. Christina says:

    Awesome! I love shopping at safeway! Has anyone else been getting their coupons in the mail too. Free 24 pack of water, free eggs, free cheerios and also a $10 coupon off $50 or more?

    • Christina, I have not received anything in the mail yet. The website finally let me update my mailing address so hopefully I will be getting some goodies via snail mail. (fingers crossed) Those are awesome coupons! Lucky girl!!!

  12. I am so glad you are getting this news out!! I have been doing this for about a month now and have received some pretty awesome deals. Free eggs twice, BOGO free Coffee Mates, Pita Chips $1.49, 6 pack of Propel $2.45, $1/2 Kraft Cheese (goes great with BOGO deal) and lots of other great coupons! LOVE IT!! And yes…check your receipt really good to make sure you get your savings. Their receipts are so confusing now!! Just went yesterday (with print out in hand but didn’t have time to stand in line again at customer service) and I didn’t get 2 of the deals loaded to my card…ssoooo, I get to take my receipt back, along with my print out of items loaded to card, and get the difference. This will be the second time I have had to do this. ): Good luck everyone and enjoy the savings.

  13. I have the .25 cent limes too. and Hass Avocados for $1. i think Guac and Margaritas sound great with these deals! 🙂

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