May 6, 2013

Rhubarb Custard Cake recipe

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Rhubarb Custard Cake

I had never heard of rhubarb custard cake until last week! Linda left a comment on my Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp recipe, sharing the recipe with me. I was immediately intrigued – it sounded delicious and so very, very easy. And it was full of whipping cream – so I knew it was healthy (wink, wink). She got the recipe from the Oregonian newspaper years ago.

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It was not as “pretty” as I expected. But this is definitely NOT a cake you want to judge by it’s cover. All the rhubarb sunk to the bottom of the pan making a custard crust that was full of flavor. It was one of the most moist boxed cakes I’ve ever had. I would bring this to a church potluck in a heartbeat – people will oooh and ahhh.

I also think it would have looked fancier if I would have used a white cake mix instead of a vanilla cake mix. The white would have offset the pink rhubarb better, but the vanilla flavor was fantastic, too.


1 box white cake mix (Duncan Hines or any kind that requires oil as an ingredient)

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg (optional)

3 cups diced rhubarb, cut in 1/2-inch pieces

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1 pint whipping cream (2 cups)


1.) Preheat the oven to whatever temperature is required by the boxed cake.

2.) Prepare the cake as it’s directed on the package. Add nutmeg to batter. Pour batter into an 11-by-15-inch glass baking pan (a 9-by-13-inch pan won’t work unless the pan is very deep; add five (5) minutes or so to the cooking time.) If you are using a metal plan increase temp 25 degrees.

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3.) Right before you put the cake in the oven, toss the rhubarb and sugar together. Sprinkle the sugared rhubarb over the cake batter.

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4.) Then you drizzle the entire pint of whipping cream over the batter and fruit; do not mix it in.

5.) Bake 35 minutes or until the cake top turns a light golden brown and begins to leave the sides of the pan. If you stick a wooden toothpick into the middle of the cupcake and it comes out clean, then it’s done.


Thanks for leaving the recipe Linda, I love it when readers share their recipes with me! The best recipes are those you get from your friends. What are your favorite rhubarb recipes?


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  1. Marilyn Pelkey says

    Could you make this using a strawberry cake mix?

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I have made this cake for years but accidentally threw the cookbook with the recipe away. I’ve been looking for the recipe ever since. I used a yellow cake mix and half and half cream and still had yummy custard on the bottom.

  3. I did make this with my frozen rhubarb now I have fresh will make it again in a day or so and it was really good.Thanks this is a keeper….

  4. Can this cake be frozen?????

  5. For the Rhubarb cake recipe. No where did I see whether or not to grease the pan. Does anyone know if it should be greased? What did most of you do when it came to that?

  6. Heather, would this be good served the next day (I’m thinking Mother’s Day)? I’m guessing you would refrigerate it? Thanks!

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