January 31, 2018

LAST DAY! *Queen Bee Exclusive* Sam’s Club membership deal – Join Sam’s Club, get FREE $15 gift card, FREE pizza, FREE Rotisserie Chicken and FREE 18ct Cookies

 Sam’s Club Mom’s Club Membership Offer

Today is the LAST DAY to get this Sam’s Club Membership offer that is EXCLUSIVE to Queen Bee readers! Join Sam’s Club and get a FREE $15 gift card, FREE take-n-bake pizza, FREE rotisserie chicken, and FREE 18 count Chocolate Chunk cookies! The free items are in addition to the current Savings New Member package of $140 in Instant Savings. Membership cost starts at $45/year. This offer is available to NEW members only. You will receive a $15 Sam’s Club e-gift card via email and the Instant Savings offerswill be loaded to your card.  This offer valid through January 31.

Get Sam’s Club Membership offer here



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  1. I clicked through and joined yesterday. I received the $15 egift card, but when I log into my account I don’t see the pizza, cookies, and chicken in my “instant savings” loaded on the card. Has anyone else done this and gotten the free items? Thanks!

  2. Sorry Can I do this online?

  3. Hi, So happy I found you! So as I’m understanding I pay $45 member fee I buy 3 Huggie’s items and I get the $45 back in exactly what form ? Will I be able to buy anything I want from Sam’s or only what they offer? Thanks Hope to hear from you soon. My membership expired May 03, 2017 which I’m guessing is 6 months as of November 4, 2017 I can re join as a new member

    • Annaliese says:

      Check the fine print on the sign up page for details on how to receive the $45. I’m not sure what you mean by being able to buy anything? Once you have a membership card, you can purchase items from Sam’s Club as you did before. Hope that helps!

      • Aviva Helfand says:

        So as I’m understanding I pay $45 member fee I buy 3 Huggie’s items and I get the $45 back in exactly what form? The $45 I’m paying for membership pays for my Huggie’s purchase of 3 items? It won’t be $45 my purchase of 3 Huggie’s items but how can I use balance? Only on Huggie’s?
        The balance from $45 can be used how exactly?

        • I don’t know exactly the format you will receive the $45 back. Typically it’s a gift card that happens after the purchase requirements have been met. I’m sorry I can’t give you more specifics, we are only promoting this deal we found, we don’t have any control over the details of it. You may try contacting Sam’s club directly from the online sign up page.

  4. Catherine says:

    Is this an online deal only? I just joined in store and was not offered this $25 gift card.

  5. Thank you!! Just what I was looking for today.

    • Did you actually get a membership with this link and the $25? I did not but it took my money immediately.

      • Hi Amanda! I work as a partner with Sam’s Club. It is a legit offer from them. It’s a weekend – give the membership office time to process your request. You should get your membership info soon! It’s completely legit, but it does take time to process the offer!

  6. What is the baby savings package?

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