January 5, 2014

What is Target Cartwheel and how does it work?


Target Cartwheel – How it works

Have you heard of Target Cartwheel but aren’t sure how it works? We’re here to help you – because we think it’s a great way to save at Target. This post is all about Target Cartwheel, how it works and how to use it to save the most when shopping Target.

What is Target Cartwheel?

It is a savings program Target created that allows you to save a certain percentage, from 5 – 50% off, on specific products.  You don’t have to clip any coupons – instead you choose the discounts that interest you, add them to your personal Cartwheel account and present it at check out for the discount.

How do I join Cartwheel?

Start by creating an account at the Target Cartwheel website or downloading the Target Cartwheel app (iTunes and Google Play) on your smartphone or tablet. You can either login with your Facebook account or with a registered email address.  If you already have a Target.com account, you can use that email and log in. Otherwise you will need to create one.

How to add Cartwheel offers?


Once logged in, you can search for specific offers by keyword or browse for offers by category. For example, you can browse for baby products, health and beauty items, electronics and more to see what offers interest you.


Click the offer you want and then click ADD. Initially, you can load a total of ten offers. Be sure to choose the offers you know you’re most likely to use because you can’t load them all.  As you use Cartwheel, you will unlock badges which will give you more Cartwheel spots.  Additionally, if you join Cartwheel through Facebook – you’ll have more options to earn extra spots by interacting with friends who also use Cartwheel.

How do I redeem the Cartwheel?


Find the My Barcode icon at the top of the Cartwheel page and click on it. Then, you simply present the barcode at check out.  The computer should prompt the cashier to ask you if you have redeemed all paper and mobile coupons first. Make sure you hand over your Cartwheel after ALL your coupons because the cashier can’t scan any coupons afterward.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?


No problem! Add your Cartwheel offers at home as your plan your shopping trip, click on the barcode, click on print and it will print out. Take it to the store and give it to the cashier after all your other coupons.

You don’t need to print the barcode each time – each Facebook or email account has a unique barcode that doesn’t change when you add or remove different offers. Target does have WiFi in stores so you can also access Cartwheel that way using your iPod touch, tablet or other wireless device.

Can I use other coupons with Cartwheel?

Absolutely. You may use one (1) manufacturer coupon and one (1) Target coupon in addition to one (1) Cartwheel offer per product. We call this a triple stack! It is great way to save at Target. Just remember to hand over ALL your coupons before you have your Cartwheel scanned.

How is the Cartwheel percentage calculated?

The Cartwheel sale is calculated after the Target coupon but before the manufacturer’s coupon. Even though you hand over all your coupons first, the register applies to Cartwheel to the product total after the Target coupon but before the manufacturer’s coupon.

Here’s an example:

Eucerin lotion is on price cut for $6.99.
There is $2/1 Target coupon, a $2/1 manufacturer’s insert coupon, and 10% off Target Cartwheel offer.
After the Target coupon is applied, your total will be $4.99.
The Cartwheel will deduct $0.49, so your new total will be $4.50.
The manufacturer’s coupon will deduct $2, so your final total is $2.50.
Even though Cartwheel is scanned last, the register will still compute it this way.

How often can I used Cartwheel?

You can redeem all the your Cartwheel offers in one transaction but it will only be applied to FOUR (4) items. You can use your Cartwheel in six (6) transactions per day. You can redeem the offer as many times as you want until it expires.

For example, if you bought 6 cans of Del Monte vegetables with a 10% off Target Cartwheel in one transaction, it would only apply to the first 4 cans.  You could separate your transaction so it would apply to the other two.  If you decide you need more vegetables, you can continue to redeem the Cartwheel offer at future visits until the offer expires.

What if my Cartwheel offers didn’t apply at checkout?

Visit Guest Services with your receipt and Cartwheel within 3 days or contact Target here.

 Still confused? More questions?

Target Cartwheel FAQ page is detailed or leave a comment and we’ll try to help you out!

Have you used Cartwheel? What are your experiences with it? Do you have other questions we haven’t answered?

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  1. Very helpful, thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for stating that Target has wi-fi, I have a tablet ( no smart phone), so it should come very handy in using it to scan bar codes of products to see if they have a cartwheel offer

  3. Judie M. says:

    Thank you so much for the post. It seemed like too much work when I read the description on the Target website, and this broke it down into understandable pieces for me.

  4. I love Cartwheel, and love that I can print it out since it isn’t available on Windows phones yet. But, Cartwheel is definitely very glitchy. It is still in Beta testing and if you look at their customer service page they have lots and LOTS of complaints and not much customer service is actually being provided (unlike the normal Target customer service, which is very helpful). That said, Cartwheel is a really nice way to save some extra money at Target.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. For the most part, I have only had problems with Cartwheel applying to clothes. Sometimes it doesn’t say it excludes clearance but won’t apply at the register. What other glitches have you encountered?

  5. Thanks for the info! I’m new at trying it out and didn’t know about some of the details. I have a smartphone but prefer to print it out since I also like to use the Shopkick app there.. so my phone gets lots of usage : )

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I must admit, I haven’t tried Shopkick yet. I can imagine flipping from Cartwheel, to mobile coupons, to Shopkick is a lot to manage in addition to paper coupons!

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