February 26, 2017

Which Disney Vacation is Right for You? Let’s discuss!

Which Disney Vacation is Right for You?

Perhaps you know you want to go on a Disney vacation but you just aren’t sure which Disney property or vacation is best for you. Maybe you have already visited one of the theme parks, or maybe this is your first Disney vacation with the family. Either way, there are a lot of options for a magical vacation, and here are some tips for finding the vacation for your needs and wants. . .

Where the magic began! A lot of families in the west half of the country start with Disneyland. A smaller park, it often feels more doable to first time families, and for those on the West Coast it’s certainly easier to get to. Disneyland Resort is made up of two theme parks: Disneyland and California Adventure. Situated right across from each other, this destination makes it easy to stay and play, with no transportation needed. There’s fun for all ages in both parks, and the Southern California location means that it’s easy to add some days at a nearby beach or in San Diego for more attractions such as SeaWorld.

Families who have visited Walt Disney World in the past might wonder if it’s worth a trip to what they perceive to be a much smaller theme park. While it’s true that it’s smaller, it’s also incredibly charming and big Disney fans will love the history and the feeling of being where it all began!

Walt Disney World
An awe inspiring collection of theme parks, themed resorts, water parks, spectacular dining and more. Disney World is huge, and like an entire magical world in its own bubble. Families looking for a full week or more of theme park fun should put this on their must do list. With 4 main theme parks, each with an entirely different theme (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), there’s tons to explore for all ages. For many, dining here takes on a more important life than Disneyland with well over 100 restaurants to choose from, many of them themed or full of characters. The themed resorts all for some serious downtime fun between all that park action as well, with fantastic themed pools, resort activities and more.

Families who have done Disneyland in the past should consider a step up to Disney World for the next their next trip. But Disney World also makes an excellent first time Disney World vacation for those who have a little more time.

For Disneyland and Disney World, having a well planned strategy makes for the least stressful and most enjoyable trip. Need help with that? That’s what we do.

Disney Cruise Line
Magically laid back vacations at sea! Love Disney characters and magic but just not loving the idea of the theme parks right now? Disney Cruise Line offers all the magic and charm of Disney with a more relaxed feel. Those who love characters will find many on board and relatively easy to meet with each day. Foodies will love the multi course meals included in the cruise fare. And those who are fans of beach vacations will get plenty of beach time on port days. Or, for those more adventurous, the islands offer many ways to explore! Disney Cruise Line is also an excellent choice for parents who want a family vacation but also crave a little adult only time. With incredible kids clubs included in the fare, adults can escape to the adult only area of the ships for a while!

Disney’s storytelling brought to life in Hawaii. Arguably the most laid back option of the Disney vacations, this tropical paradise has everything you need for fun, all in one place. Multiple pools, two water slides, a lazy river, a grotto, and a calm, beautiful beach are enticing for water fans. The kids club here, like the cruise line, is included in the cost and can keep children entertained while the adults get a little alone time – possibly in one of the most beautiful spas I’ve ever seen! (Seriously, the spa garden is a place you’d never want to leave). The kids club is not just a daycare facility – it’s full of Disney planned activities and play times that will keep kids thrilled to be there! Enjoy character meals or fine dining with a view of the sea, while spending your days relaxing by the beach or participating in any of the many family activities offered throughout the day.

Adventures by Disney
Looking for something that’s still got Disney’s high level of service and storytelling but in a very, very different setting? Adventures by Disney offers trips around the globe for families with 5 star experiences, private tours, special activities that immerse families in the local culture and more. From Italy to Scotland, Australia to China, and even adventures within the US, these trips offer families a chance to explore the world in a unique and comfortable way. Special activities for kids are often planned to keep them interested as well. For example, on one adventure in Greece, a stop at a winery allows adults to partake in wine tasting, while kids explore the art of grape stomping!

Ready to learn more about any of these options? Visit our website to connect with us for more information!

sabrina-enchanted-travelerThis post was written by Sabrina Tinius, a specialist in planning Disney vacations for families who want less stress and more time making memories that last a lifetime. 

Through her in depth destination knowledge, park touring strategies and incredibly detailed planning, Sabrina is here to help you have a more enjoyable Disney vacation — while saving you tons of time and stress. And when she’s not busy crafting amazing Disney vacations, you can find her hanging out with her two awesome kids, taking family vacations of her own, and occasionally baking up a storm in her Seattle area kitchen. 

Meet Sabrina and get ready to experience just how amazing a well planned Disney vacation can be at www.theenchantedtraveler.com.


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  1. We have done 2 Disney Cruises, 5 WDW trips, and too many Disneyland to count, and if you can travel in the off season, I have to say the Cruise is the way to go. You get the Disney Magic without the crowds. Amazing service, happy staff and an immaculate ship. We have also traveled NCL (2X), Holland (3X), and Carnival (2X), and Disney is by far our favorite. They are also amazing with food allergies, which is a huge issue for us.

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