October 30, 2010

Clinique – 7 Clinique products, 2 makeup bags for only $22.50, FREE shipping (plus 8% cash back!)

So I seriously heart Clinique products, but lately I’ve seemed to miss all the gift-with-purchase promotions at the mall. And when I do remember to stop by the Clinique counter, I can’t bring myself to buy anything, because I know if I wait, I’ll get a FREE gift with purchase. . .but then I miss the gift-with-purchase promotion. . . . do you see my dilemma?

But I found this promotion online that is basically the gift-with-purchase promotion but I get to pick out my free sample items, plus I get FREE shipping, PLUS I get 8 percent cash back. . .

So here is what I did:

  1. Start with Ebates. If you don’t have an account, create one. It’s FREE to sign up PLUS you’ll get a $5 sign up bonus! Basically Ebates gives you cash back on your online purchases. You get a check in the mail – cold hard cash (well, a check) and it’s just for shopping online like you would normally do anyway.
  2. Using the search field on Ebates, search for Clinique. You’ll see an option for 8 percent cash back – click on that and it will take you over to the Clinique Web site. You need to click to the Clinique site through Ebates in order to get credit in your account.
  3. Once you’re on the Clinique Web site, you’ll see the offer flash on the home page. They use the image that I used above. Click on that and select your six items! You get to pick an item from each category – I love it, it’s like a customized gift with purchase.
  4. After you’ve picked your six FREE items, you have to find the item you want to buy – it has to be at least $21.50. I picked the Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion for $22.50. I actually just used my last dollop of face lotion this morning – so this couldn’t have come at a better time. This is a great everyday lotion that has rave reviews. Plus, it’s close to the $21.50 minimum! (I’m so cheap I didn’t splurge for the $24 lotion, which had a pump – hope I don’t regret that.) You don’t have to get this product, you can get any product(s), as long as your total is at least $21.50.
  5. Add items to your cart until you’ve reached $21.50. View your cart and your shipping total should be $0. FREE shipping – I love it! I had to pay $1.91 in tax, so my total was $24.41.  My order looked like this:

  6. Wahoo – look at all those freebies!

  7. After your order has been processed you should see your cash back credit in your Ebates account (it takes a couple days). I think I should get about $1.80 cash back, which basically covers my tax – which I wouldn’t have gotten if I would have shopped in the store. If you are a NEW Ebates customer you’ll get your $5 sign up bonus, plus your 8% cash back- so it’s an even better deal for you. 🙂

I guess there are limited quantities for this promotion – so when it runs out, it runs out.

Oooh. . .and a bonus! I received an e-mail from Clinique thanking me for subscribing to get Clinique e-mails (you do this when you create your Clinique account) and it had a promo code for FREE shipping on my next order! Don’t delete that e-mail!

(Thanks, Slick Deals!)


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  1. Fantastic deal! I just did the gift with purchase in-store, that is the only time I will ever buy my favorite lotion, which of course is the one you posted above. If you have never used it, it is amazing. The only one that consistently works for me.

    Anyway, I love that I can now stock up and get another free gift, thanks!

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