Crockpot Slow Cooker Pot Roast (Mississippi roast recipe)

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Crockpot Pot Roast

This isn’t the first crockpot pot roast recipe that I’ve made, but it is now my favorite. The way this browned up and seasoned was amazing for being in a slow cooker. It was incredibly easy and my entire family loved it.

This recipe was sent in my Karri as part of our Crock-tober series. She said she found the crockpot pot roast recipe on Pinterest so I did some digging and discovered this is also called Mississippi pot roast and apparently it’s a very popular crockpot pot roast recipe! I could not find an original source but did find that it is on many, many blogs. It’s now on my list of favorite beef pot roast recipes!



Beef roast 3-4 pounds
I used a bottom round roast that was 2.5 pounds

Butter, a whole stick

Package of Ranch dressing powder

Package of Au Jus mix 

5-7 pepperoncinis



1.) Put pot roast in bottom of crockpot

2.) Sprinkle with ranch dressing powder and Au Jus mix.

3.) Put the butter on top of the roast. I quartered mine. But I don’t think it matters.

4.) Cook on low in slow cooker for 5-7 hours

5.) Serve with mashed potatoes, on a sandwich, or just plain (like we did!)



I didn’t touch the pot roast the entire time it was cooking. I didn’t flip it or move it and I left the lid on the slow cooker the whole time. The top caramelized similar to how I’ve seen on prime ribs and it smelled like my mom’s prime rib. Nom nom.  You can probably serve with the juice to keep it moist or I bet you whip up a pretty good gravy with it!

It’s Crock-toberAs part of this month-long series I’ll be featuring slow cooker and crockpot recipes that are easy and inexpensive!  This recipe was sent in by Karri M. as part of our Crock-tober series - so she’ll get a $10 Amazon gift card! Send in your recipe and if I feature your recipe on the blog you’ll get a $10 Amazon gift card!

I couldn’t find the original source of this recipe, but is one of many, many places I found it online.

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  1. if you throw out the “juice” instead of thickening itk with a cornstarch slurry (crank crock up to high) and shisk together til gravy- you’d be missing the best gravy on the PLANET!!!!! never make chuck roast any other way! my pot goes to keep warm after low so I can leave it 10 but only COOK it 8 AND use 5T butter not 8!!!

  2. No liquid added to this? No broth or water? I just want to make sure, it looks so juicy! (I just can’t help envisioning a shriveled little piece of beef jerky when I get home.)

  3. To avoid extending cooking time, could you use a plug in timer? Have it start 2 hours after you leave.

  4. Going to try this tonight! Love fall crockpot ideas! My kids are all in sports so if we can walk in the door at night to dinner being ready that helps curb the urge to run thru the drive thru for something quick on the way home from practice. :) Thanks!

  5. I really want to try this; however, no one is home during the week for 9-10 hours. Is there a way I can extend the cooking time without burning it? Would freezing the roast beforehand help? I suppose I could make it on a weekend but it’d be great if I could do it during the week some time. Thanks!

  6. I tried this about 2 months ago and I am a bit obsessed with making this. I have taken had 4 friends make it now and I make it at least once a week. Also the last few times I have played around with the butter amounts and found half a stick creates the same results. Amazing roast and juice (the juice I have added to my mashed potatoes instead of milk and butter) and it they are wonderful also.

  7. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!! DEFINITELY trying this ASAP!! :)

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