Freeze juice in muffin pans for smoothies

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Freeze juice for smoothies

We love making smoothies with our Vitamix. But we aren’t juice drinkers – so we often don’t have a carton of fresh juice in the fridge. So I started buying juice when I found it on markdown (read: super cheap) and I’d just take it home and freeze it in muffin trays (or ice cube trays) for use in smoothies as needed! It also works great if you need juice for a recipe!

1.) Pour fresh juice into muffin pans, mini muffin pans or even silicone molds
I found it was a little easier to pour juice into a 2-cup measuring cup and then pour into molds. I didn’t spill as much.

2.) Freeze for at least 24 hours

3.) Pop out juice and store in freezer bag
To pop out I found if I just set them on the counter for 5 minutes they loosen up. Or take a cookie sheet with sides and fill with hot water (in the sink) and set your frozen muffin pans in hot water – just a few seconds! It should loosen them right up.

4.) Pop them back into the freezer and when needed, pull one or two frozen juice packs out of the bag to make your smoothie!





What do you think? Good idea? What else could you freeze for your smoothies? 

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  1. I freeze the ripe bananas that are always marked down at the store! Plus super ripe ones have more good stuff for you in them!

  2. Tricia Elsner says:

    Wait a second, you can freeze yogurt to use in smoothies! Sometimes I get over zealous when I find a good deal on clearance or at Grocery Outlet and then I end up throwing it out. I am so excited to try this. How long is it good in the freezer? Anyone know?

  3. Juices, yogurt, fresh fruit (seasonal) and things like flax seeds or even half and half. My kids LOVE smoothies and they always try to sneak my half and half (they like it really rich and creamy). So I started freezing half and half in when I find it on markdown at Fred Meyer’s. Works great!

  4. Christine says:

    I make a mixture of yogurt and a fruit/vegetable juice and freeze them in ice cube trays for my smoothies. This way the smoothie stays firm.

  5. I freeze yogurt for my smoothies. When I find a tub of clearance organic yogurt I freeze it in ice cube trays, then I can add a couple cubes to my smoothies.

  6. nwgardener says:

    I frequently freeze the whole container of juice. It comes out just the same as when I put it in the freezer. I did have one plastic carton get a tiny split because I don’t usually poor any off, but all the other times I had no problems. I stock up every time I see “reduced for quick sale” or 50% off sticker.

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