**HOT!** QFC (Kroger?) – FREE Brawny paper towels!


Wow! For all you QFC and Kroger shoppers – looks like you can get FREE Brawny paper towels if you were lucky enough to get the $2/2 Brawny coupon in today’s Sunday paper (April 6, Red Plum).

Brawny paper towels - $1
$2/2 packs of Brawny Paper Towels from April 6 Red Plum insert (limit 3 coupons per shopping transaction)
Final price = FREE

Please note the coupon DOES say limit of three identical coupons per shopping transaction. Also please be respectful of inventory and do not clear the shelves. Times are tough and instead of one person buying 20 – with no one else getting any – lets be mindful of how many we buy, so we can all save. Get a rain check if they are out of stock (and they probably will be in a day or two). You can use a coupon with a rain check!


Also, the coupon says off $2 off two Brawny Paper Towel packs - so I did some digging and found that over on the Brawny Facebook page Brawny Towels does say that these can be used on the SINGLE roll packs. So you should have no problem redeeming them on the singles. When you are ever in doubt about what a coupon is intended for – I always recommend asking via the company website or Facebook page. Better to be ethical and use the coupon correctly then to make any assumptions.

Enjoy your FREE paper towels!

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  1. I just came from tne Lacey QFC after waiting for them to get inventory. The cashier called the CS rep and she stated i could only use the Q for the 2-pack sizes. I showed her the Q snd she still insisted she was right. I’ll have to print the FB Info and try it again. :(

    • Let us know how it goes. I have a raincheck for 6 rolls. If it doesn’t work, Albertson has the one roll packs for 3/$4 plus free eggs. So it would be $2 for three rolls and a dozen eggs which is still a good deal.

  2. There was a HUGE sign up at my store with a copy of the coupon saying the coupon will not be accepted and that the coupon was intended for the 6 packs or larger. They had highlighted the wording “Redeemable only by purchasing the specific brand and size”. I am assuming that they are referring to the 6 pack picture on the coupon and that this is the size indicated.

    • Which store? That’s a big bummer. I wonder if anyone has shown the managers what Heather posted from Brawny’s FB page.

      • I thought about it but didn’t feel like getting into it with a manger. I was on a time crunch too….oh well. They had 3-4 pallets of Brawny in the same aisle….so my guess is that someone pre-ordered a ton…..then QFC rejected the coupon. Now they not only have tons of inventory….but they missed out on an opportunity to be reimbursed by Brawny and thus make some money.

    • Not sure if we went to the same store, but I saw it at my store as well. ( parkland location)

  3. Brittany says:

    I don’t think there is a coupon at qfc it’s just a sale price. I didn’t see a coupon at FM either. And the $1.69 was actually an orange tagged sale price. The regular price is $1.89 or $1.99 at my store.

  4. My q is for .55 cents 10/10 at kroger makes it .45 cents for me

  5. Does anyone know if Walmart carry the single rolls of Brawny? It might be easier to just price match rather than beat everyone else to the store.

  6. How can I get the redplum inserts?? I live in Everett and can’t get the RedPlum up here and can’t get the Tacoma tribune subscription here either. I know they have some online, they just don’t have as high of value as the ones in the inserts. Thanks.

  7. Brittany P. says:

    Just an FYI. I just got home from Fred Meyer so I checked while I was there and the Brawny are $1.69. So unfortunately a no go for FM. I’ll have to go to QFC! :)

    • 1.69 is the reg price. You need the in store coupon to get the $1 price…then stack that with the manufacture cpn.

      • Brittany P. says:

        There isn’t a store coupon at QFC, it’s just a sale price. And I didn’t see a store coupon anywhere at Fred Meyer. Plus, at my Fred Meyer the $1.69 price is an orange tagged sale price. The regular price is $1.89 or $1.99.

        • Angela Patrick says:

          You should be able to Price Match at Fred Meyer. I was able to price match lunchables Sunday at my Fred Meyer.

          • I guess I am in the dark here……Fred Meyer price matches?!!!!!?

          • Apparently, it’s a hit and miss on Fred Meyer price matching. I went and was able to price match lunchables. When I went back for the paper towels (once they were in stock), I was told they don’t price match groceries. I have price matched Pepsi in the past at the same Fred Meyer.

  8. And add one or two to your emergency kit. Since they are wrapped separately, you don’t need to worry about leaks in your kit as much.

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