QFC – My shopping trip $32.43 – pork roasts, produce, markdowns!


I haven’t shared a shopping trip in awhile. Honestly I haven’t been doing much shopping – mostly trying to stick to our stockpile and just picking up produce here and there. But this morning I stopped into QFC to pick up the pork shoulder roast for $1.79 a pound (for pulled pork!) and found some great markdowns!

Here’s a round-up of what I purchased:

Dole Asian Blend Salad mix - $0.99, manager markdown
Use TWO old printable coupons for $1/1 Dole Asian Blend coupon (no longer available)
Final price = FREE

Oregon Chai latte - $1.32, manager markdown
FREE coupon from a Facebook promotion, was mailed a few weeks ago
Final price = FREE

Horizon Organic Mac & Cheese - $1
Had $0.55/1 printable coupon in my email this morning!
Final price = $0.45 cents!

Quaker Warm & Crunchy Oatmeal - $1.54, manager markdown
$1.00/1 Quaker Warm and Crunchy Granola – 1-26-14 RP (exp 03/09/14)
Final price = $0.54

Better Oats Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal - $0.60 a box! Manager markdown (reg. $1.99)
5 per box, this comes out to $0.12 cents a package

Scunci hair ties - $0.88, manager markdown
We always need these!!!

Better Oats Steal Cut Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal - $0.90 (reg. $3.79)
10 per box, this comes out to $0.10 cents a package

Isernio’s Chicken Breakfast Chicken Sausage - $1.49 (reg. $5.49), manager markdown

Organic Simple Organic tomatoes - $1.49

Pork Shoulder Roast - $12.17 ($1.79/lb)
$2 off $10 meat purchase coupon from QFC home mailer!
Final price = $10.17 = final price $1.49 a pound!!
I had the butcher cut it into TWO roasts to better suite our family needs – which they do happily!

Asparagus - $1.77/lb
Final price = $3.75 for two bunches

Seattle’s Best Coffee - $5.99, markdown
Seattle’s Best Coffee, Any 12 Oz. Bag – Facebook Coupon
Final price = $3.99
*Not a great deal, but we were almost out of coffee and I didn’t have the Tully’s coupons with me.

I’m SO glad that I found oatmeal on markdown – my husband eats it for breakfast at work every day! And we were getting low on stock. This is nicer oatmeal than we usually buy and the price can’t be beat (Costco’s price for Quaker packets is $0.19/cents each – see more Costco prices in our Costco Price list here)

I think I’ve only purchased this breakfast sausage once or twice before. I already put it in the freezer, since it had a best buy date of Feb. 28. I’d love any recipe ideas you might have for a breakfast casserole with the sausage!


And tomorrow I’ll be making these Pulled Pork sandwiches in the crockpot and we’ll use the Dole Asian Chopped Salad for a topping (like a slaw!) on the sandwiches! I spotted Kraft BBQ sauce for $0.99 each (buy 6 promo) – which you could pick up and make barbecue pork sandwiches!

We always love to hear about the deals you are finding! 

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  1. Helen in Meridian says:

    Do you use the Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola with your pork roast to make pulled pork? I like to make the copy of Cafe Rio cilantro lime ranch dressing to go with my pulled pork on sandwiches or just licked off fingers.

  2. You inspire me! I recently started really couponing after a severe family budget cut. I’m building a stockpile & enjoying it! I found some good deals today but yours really beat mine! :) 8 boxes of Angel Soft tissues for FREE! Del monte canned veggies free! 24 Snickers bars & M&Ms for $0.27 each. Pepsi 8 packs for $1.25 each. Colgate tooth paste $0.25. Speed Stick free. Thanks for helping me to save money!

  3. Just curious to know what your grocery budget for the month is generally, Heather? I’m getting better a couponing but still spending more than I would like, which is I am still spending about the same as I used to but I get way more for my money and most of the extras go to charity.

    • You might want to switch to cash for groceries and household. I withdraw the amount we budget for the month, and when it is gone, it is gone! I still get a lot more for my money and donate, too, than prior to cooning. We still use our rewards credit card for other routine purchases like gas but we feel the money saved more than offsets those bonuses.

  4. I love the butcher at our local OFC. He’s always happy to cut any meat for me and they do it with a smile (awesome customer service).

  5. The Isernio’s chicken sausage is one of our favorites . I use it in an egg scramble just like you would any other sausage. I also have put it in pasta sauces instead of other types of sausages. The only thing I found I didn’t care for it on was pizza, but besides that I love the taste and it has so much less fat than reg. sausage.

  6. Pork picnic roast was on sale last week at WinCo for $1.99/lb. Thats usually what I get for all our pulled pork and/or BBQ pork sandwiches. I will be doing the pulled pork sandwiches next week!

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